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Multiplexing Receiver

A Multiplexing Receiver is a GPS receiver that constantly cycles between satellites, changing the frequency it uses each time it encounters a different satellite. As these receivers only spend so long with each satellite they are typically less accurate at establishing exact position, and take longer to acquire each satellite.

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Multiplexing Receiver


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A True Artificial Cochlea
Constructed by engineers at MIT, a single low power radio receiver chip has been painstakingly modelled on the function and deciphering capabilities of the human ear.


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Sony today announced its first A/V receiver capable of supporting 3-D audio and video.

Featuring HDMI 1.4 3D pass-through technology, ample high-definition connectivity and compatibility with all of the latest Blu-ray Disc au...

Proteus Biomedicals has developed an intelligent pill that sends digital signals to an external receiver after being swallowed.

The pill still works as an ordinary drug that a patient might take to control a health issue. Ho...

In her PhD thesis, Montserrat Fernández-Vallejo, a telecommunications engineer and graduate of the UPNA-Public University of Navarre, has experimentally developed various fibre-optic sensor networks for the remote monitoring of large infras...

he Air Force says it performed no advance testing on the specific type of military GPS receiver that had problems picking up locator signals after a change in ground-control software.

The Air Force said Monday that it perform...

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new way to fine-tune wireless power transfer (WPT) receivers, making the systems more efficient and functional. WPT systems hold promise for charging electric vehicles, elect...