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In order to fully understand the interface methods of neuroprosthetics and brain-machine interfacing, increasingly used to interface with VR systems, a basic grounding of the wetware components of the brain might be beneficial.

Myelin is a cellular compound / structure that only forms around the axons of some nerve cells in the body. It typically forms into sheaths around those axons for whom the speed of data transmission is crucial, and basically behaves in the same way as insulation conduits for electrical wiring.

See Also: Neuron, Axon, Myelin Sheath

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Research comparing brain development in humans and our closest nonhuman primate relatives, chimpanzees, reveals how quickly myelin in the cerebral cortex grows, shedding light on the evolution of human cognitive development and the vulnerab...

Scientists at the Mainz University Medical Center have discovered another molecule that plays an important role in regulating myelin formation in the central nervous system. Myelin promotes the conduction of nerve cell impulses by forming a...

(Press Release) For the first time, researchers have used human embryonic stem cells to create new insulating tissue for nerve fibers in a live animal model ? a finding that has potentially important implications for treatment of spinal cor...

Identifying the genes that promote high-integrity myelin could lead to ways to enhance the genes' activity or artificially add the proteins they code for.

By comparing brain maps of identical twins (same genes) with fratern...