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A p-zombie, otherwise known as either a p-zed or a philosophical zombie is an interesting creation. It is very similar in structure to a bot or a needs-based, partial strong AI system. It?s a creature that is utterly indistinguishable from its peers according to outside observation. It has similar behaviour, mannerism, even low level thoughts and displays a purpose of action.

Yet, the philosophical zombie is not sentient. It has no inner spark or drive, and basically does as it is programmed to do. A humanoid philosophical zombie would be capable of carrying out a conversation like a human can, with enough conviction to show there is a person there, much like a chatbot can carry out a conversation if it is highly sophisticated enough. However there is no independent consciousness present.

It is often argued that an artificial being can only ever be a philosophical zombie. The natural counter argument to that of course, is to prove another being of your species is NOT such a creature.

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