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Particle Swarm Optimisation

Particle swarm optimisation or PSO is a type of crowd simulation algorithm, that is used to create the optimal movements for a swarm of bound-together particles such as people, atoms, or cells under a set of interaction circumstances. It is meant to find the cheapest route in terms of computation for a given effect.

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Droplet Robots: A Physical Particle Swarm
In virtual spaces, a particle swarm is a large number of independent, intelligently-behaving particles, each of which possesses certain properties, such as if one moves, the ones near it are pulled in a certain way, or twisted or turned around, etcetera. However they've always been limited solely to virtual spaces with no physical equivalent. That is the case no-longer.

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Crowdsourcing Swarm Control
Rice University's Multi-Robot Systems Laboratory has created an online game designed solely to help further research into swarm control of simple robotic systems. Namely the quest to find truly effective control strategies for their own bespoke r-one swarm robotic system.

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Robot Fish Leads Organic Fish
Alife research carried out using a robotic fish and a swarm of biological fish in a water tunnel, has concluded that biomimetic movement is key to social interaction with animals of all types; not just humans. If it swims like a leader of the shoal, it is the leader of the shoal.


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In a pair of small laboratories in Prague, a swarm of tens of millions of robots is being prepared, to be set loose en masse.

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Australian scientists are using the collective intelligence found in insect swarms to develop the next generation of hi-tech military hardware.

Alex Ryan, a mathematician with the government's Defence Science and Technology ...

The US military has launched 103 miniature swarming drones from a fighter jet during a test in California.

Three F/A-18 Super Hornets were used to release the Perdix drones last October.

The drones, which have ...

(Press Release) At the end of December 2006, VizUp Technology unveiled a new polygon reduction system that enables anyone to reduce the number of polygons in a complex 3D model up to 90% without much effect on its visual quality.

In the classic fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes," Hans Christian Andersen uses the eyes of a child to challenge conventional wisdom and help others to see more clearly. In similar fashion, researchers at the University of Illinois ...