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Perspective is summed up best as the set of rules that create invisible lines leading to a vanishing point, allowing objects to be correctly sized and angled on a flat viewing surface such that the mind is tricked into perceiving depth.

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Endgame: Singularity is a single player game, developed to give a little taste of the perspective of a singularity event from the perspective of the emerging, embryonic AI. It skips over more than a few steps on its way out, but is still a unique perspective on the singularity, worthy of a look.

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Book Quotes: Refusing to See - AI Rights
Idoru is, essentially, one long piece on the struggle to understand the quest for robot rights ? or in this case, the rights of an AI itself, from an outsider?s perspective; from the perspective of one who refuses to accept the AI as other than a tool, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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Blogged Out: Snow Crash Mountain
A look at the growing push towards the metaverse, from a game development perspective, and at how social virtual worlds have to break away from the 'skills and levelling paradigm'.

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The Esoteric Beat: Augmenting Reality and Invisible Goblins
A short intro to Augmented Reality from the game development perspective.

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Why do a 3D mud?
A ten year old article, useful from a historical perspective, on one company?s justifications for first creating three dimensional gameworlds. At the time, there was a lot of industry resistance to the idea. So to it may be, for any other paradigm shifting idea which you plan perhaps, to launch.

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Changing Self Perspective with VR
A key set of experiments building on the rubber hand illusion, have opened the floodgates for full sensory immersion - proving that the brain will identify with the body it perceives itself to be in, not necessarily the body it is housed in.

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Direct3D vs. OpenGL: Which API to Use When, Where, and Why
A pretty much unbiased guide to the two main graphics APIs developers consider: Microsoft DirectX, and Silicon Graphics' Open GL. Written predominanty from a Windows perspective, this resource helps you decide when to use which graphics library on that platform.

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Knick Knack
Made in 1989, Knick Knack was a three minute short CG animation by Pixar Studios, featuring what was then the cutting edge of rendering capability, way beyond what real-time renders were capable of. To put it in perspective, this was just six years before Toy Story was released.

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Are developers just thick, or something?
An interesting spin of an article, this starts out looking at virtual worlds from the average participant?s perspective, pointing out all the desires and frustrations of the userbase with the speed of apparent technological development of the multiverse. Then spins that on its head and neatly answers those questions with the hard truths those of us who work with them are well aware of.

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What rights should we have to our virtual goods?
An intreguing article written from a MMO player's perspective, taking a balanced approach and arguing as to what rights players and participants should have to the virtual goods created within and dependent upon a specific platform.


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Connections 2004, The military simulations conference is due to run August 23-27 2004, Elkhorn Lodge, US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs.

The purpose of this conference is to let the Defense and Commercial war-simulation...

Motorola is trying to make the cell phone the centrepiece device which controls the digital home.

"People want access through their personal device," said Dan Moloney, president of the connected home division at Motorola.

One of the problems with " life recorders", wearable video cameras that record your every movement, is making sense of the huge datasets they produce. Given a day's worth of inane footage--get up, wander into bathroom, brush teeth etc--w...

The image of an object, when projected into the eyes, may take on the most diverse shapes depending on the chosen point of view, as this can change its distance, perspective and so on, yet generally we have no difficulty in recognizing said...

May 18 2009
Cogswell California, USA

If you are interested in designing, developing or incorporating games or new media into your curriculum or product and are in the San Francisco Bay Area this is a great opportunity ...