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Pervasive Healthcare

Pervasive healthcare is based on the paradigm of a healthcare system that is ubiquitous: part of everyday life. Thus, is available to anyone, at any time. By definition such a system would by and large be immensely cost effective, highly automated, and extensively AR and VR based.

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Pervasive Healthcare


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CAVE usage in Research spreads to Microbiology
A CAVE-type installation has been installed in India, for use by the mircobiology research and technology centre IMTECH. Virtalis, the manufacturer of the specific CAVE-variant technology used; the ActiveWall system, have been extremely keen to promote this major VR installation. Great news as it is for them, it is of course even better news for the increasing push to see highly immersive VR interfaces made increasingly pervasive in higher learning.

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Flexible, Implantable Biosensor for Healthcare
A prototype health sensor has been created that can be implanted inside the human body, bend to wrap around organs, and monitor in real-time any changes, illuminated by it's own light. The only problem is, it's still in the prototype stage.

With the current surge in uses of the iphone as a distributed computing device, and several industries, most notably medical healthcare taking it up in increasing numbers, there has not been a better time to learn to code this small, sleek device.

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IPhone, Android Telehealth for Health Professionals (Part 2)
At the beginning of February, we covered the increasing flurry of uptake of tele-healthcare applications for the iphone. Since then, the trend has continued, with several new applications emerging, aimed squarely at health professionals,

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First European Bio-Monitor Beds
The LifeBed is an intriguing take on wearable healthcare. The patient lays on a double mattress - the Hoada one completely covers the old, existing one and contains medical sensors and is hooked up to the diagnostic network. This frees up any necessity to wear sensors whilst in bed, and frees up the necessity for trailing wires.

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Using a CAVE to Model Blood Flow in Children
The Star CAVE is the newest generation of CAVE VR interfaces. We have looked at the technology before. Now, it is time to take an in-depth look at the use of one to create flow simulations for personalised healthcare. Creating customised heart pumps for infants and small children, which don't cause as much clotting as anything else available.

The Alcyone type scanner is a new technology being created by GE Healthcare. It's actually in several of their medical scanners not just one, specifically in the the Discovery NM 530c and the Discovery NM/CT 570c. It cuts scanning time down to a quarter of the traditional time for nuclear scanners, and outputs natively in 3D.

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Personalised Healthcare Simulation of Blood
A simulation of blood flows and clots, personalised to every individual patient from a sample of their blood, has been developed in order to precisely ascertain which drug to give a specific patient to break up plaques harmlessly, and which to absolutely never give.

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IPhone, Android Telehealth for Health Professionals (Part 4)
Telehealth applications are not just telehealth based any more. The same techniques that have helped the powerful computer/mobile phone hybrids like iphone and Android turn telehealth on its head in the past few months, are now starting to turn back in upon themselves, and affect in a positive way, how healthcare provision inside the hospital is carried out.


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Pervasive 2006, the The 4th international conference on pervasive computing will be held at The Burlington, Dublin, Ireland, on May 07-10, 2006.

The conference will cover the following topics:

# Device, comm...

December 8-10 2008
Washington DC, USA

The 4th Annual World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress (WHIT v.4.0) convening over 400 healthcare executives pushes the discussion to a higher level to center on the ne...

5th May - 7th May 2010
Modena, Italy

IEEE ISWPC (International Symposium on Wireless Pervasive Computing) is a lively annual international conference, organized with the goal of bringing together researchers, scientist...

A new social media platform geared towards healthcare might enable patients to share information with other patients and gain knowledge and enable physicians to share and learn from their peers more readily, says a study in the Internatio...

17-20 May 2010
Helsinki, Finland

This annual conference is the premier forum for researchers to present their latest results in all areas related to architecture, design, implementation, application and evaluation of p...