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Photo Realism

Photo realism is defined as being so realistic it could be a photograph, or camcorder image of a physical world. (Note, not necessarily Earth?s physical world.)

When applied to virtual environments, photo realism is achieved when realistic appearing images with great detail and multiple textures populate the world. Usually requires ray tracing for realistic lighting conditions.

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3-D Modeling Advance: A single photo can be reconstructed into a 3-D scene
Building on the premise of Parallax mapping, in which 3D displacement of surfaces is faked by means of displacing textures both by creating a height map of their protuberance from 3D space and then calculating the angle of that protuberance relative to the angle the observer is looking, Microsoft and Make3D have created a process allowing a single photo to become a 3D scene.

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Dangerous Realism
To paraphrase the article: Many of today's worlds seem to be striving for realism: 'realistic combat system', 'realistic trade', 'realistic medieval theme' or even 'realistic magic system'. However realism is not always a good thing - sometimes it can be dangerous as far as enjoyment is concerned.

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Simplicity Versus Realism in Medical VR
We are so caught up in our desire for ever greater realism and ever greater accuracy when using VR and modelling tools to render the human body for diagnosis in whole or in part, that we often forget the benefits of simplicity. HemoVis, a medical VR tool for assessing weak points in the coronary system, achieves far better results with a 2D system than 3D with all the bells and whistles used more commonly in diagnosis.

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Photo Distance Represents Trustworthiness
In a finding that is of particular importance when combined with various attempts to create a personalised avatar by mapping photos of your own face to it, University of California researchers have discovered that the distance between the photographer and the subject is crucial to the trustworthiness of the resulting picture.

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Inexpensive Underwater Caustics Using Cg
A look at creating aesthetically pleasing, realistic water movements, using caustics - for ultra-realism for low processing power.

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Our uncanny ability to spot a fake
A BBC article on the difficulty of maintaining the metaphor inside virtual space, and the issues with uncanny valley that make CGI realism so elusive.

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Video games need 'realism boost'
BBC article about how to add authenticity to VR, goes beyond graphics, also encompassing extensive use of motion capture to catalogue how stance, gait and the tiny movements of facial muscles combine when people display different emotions.

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Showing the Rooms
ActiveWorlds' gateway shows off it's resource rooms for creating your own virtual world on their platform, and links to third party instruction manuals for coding bot programs to increase the realism.

Michael Heim, the author of this book, describes modern 'VR' as a pale imitation of real VR. On this point, he is of course, all too correct. He then goes on to state that the real thing is fast approaching. We'll soon be able to totally immerse ourselves in detail-rich, highly interactive artificial worlds....

Burning Chrome is a collection of ten of William Gibson?s short stories. All published before Neuromancer, his first novel; these ten mark his early career as a different type of writer. Whilst not all are cyberpunk, all have that same gritty realism, that make his work so absorbing.


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Finally, the inevitable has occurred. As we have achieved virtually 100% photo realism on CGI, a shift is taking place in the entertainment industry. No-longer is it possible, to just out-perform with better graphics, you now have to have c...

Realism is such a funny word. It can mean precisely emulating the humdrum of normal life, or it can mean increasing immersion, and believability. In this case, its realism of the good kind, the increase in believability thanks to normal map...

Polaroid, the company famous for cameras that print instant pictures, unveiled an ultrasmall photo printer at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008.

Pollock calls the device, preliminarily dubbed the "digital instant mobile pho...

(Press Release) ICEM, a specialist in surface modeling, surface model validation and design visualization software, has announced the forthcoming availability of version 4.6 of it's design and modeling software suite, ICEM Surf.

A US $6-million virtual reality 'immersive room' is opening the door to new ways to treat phobias and other disorders.

St?phane Bouchard is a psychologist with drive. He is Canada's Research Chair in Clinical Cyberpsycholo...