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Physics Processing Unit

A physics processing unit or PPU is a processor which is designed to take all real-time physics computation from the main processor. This frees up the CPU for other tasks, and significantly increases framerate.

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Physics Processing Unit



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New Nvidia GPU: A Supercomputer in a PC?
The GPU, or graphics processing unit is the heart of any 3D accelerator graphics care. It is a powerful workhorse, frequently more powerful than a PC?s CPU ? central processing unit ? and dedicated solely to graphics. The pace of GPU advancement has picked up substantially in recent years, with Nvidia and ATI Technologies, going at it hammer and tongs, to try and outdo one another.

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C++ Data Structures for Rigid-Body Physics
A worthwhile look at the benefits of using C++ over C for complex tasks, such as physics.

There are a large number of new developers coming into the market for physics engines that need help through this complex process. Current introductory books are inadequate; they don't bring enough real-world programming experience to the task. There is a need for an introductory book on game physics with solid coding guidance but which limits the math content. This book tries to fill that void.

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3D Physics SDK > PhysX
The PhysX SDK and related hardware acceleration is designed as a method for realtime physics calculations, rather than expecting every developer to code from scratch.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Beyond: A No-Physics Zone
The Matrix distorts when a freak corruption of data creates a no-physics zone in a thin layer paralleling the floor. An advanced replication of gravity warping accidents that happen in ActiveWorlds and Second Life, today.

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Understanding the Science of Running
Running is not as simple a process as it seems at first glance. The physics of this type of movement is very different to the physics of walking, and as a result the leg and body movements are radically different. If we wish to recreate realistic running in either embodied robotic form, or via sequences for VR, then we need to understand this process intimately.

Whilst over 30 years old now, this book is one of those whose usefulness is never likely to fade. It is a physics book, dealing with the mathematics and physical constraints of getting any rigid body jointed system to move as desired. Designed initially with robots in mind, long before the avatar, the maths contained within is ideal for grounding on ragdoll physics as used with avatars.

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VR Interfaces: CyberMan GVD510-3D
Released December 2005, the CyberMan GVD510-3D head-mounted display is a stereoscopic display unit, with a resolution of 640 x 480. Made by Kopin Corporation, China, this unit is essentially part of the new trend of video eyewear, combining HUD and HMD in one device.

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Prevailing View of Brain's Sensory Processing System is Under Fire
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted on the first of July 2013, concerning the discovery that sensory data processed by the brain does not always follow the pathways it was shown to follow in the past. Specifically, signals often go through these areas, deeper into the brain, and the whole sensory processing model has been turned on its head.


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Sony has unveiled its new PlayStation 3 console, calling it "a supercomputer for computer entertainment".

The first system to employ the new Cell processor, with six independent processing cores, Sony estimates the PS3 at 3...

South Korea's Samsung Electronics has said it is considering spinning-off its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) unit in a bid to streamline its business.

The move comes as the unit saw its sales dip more than 10% last year amid s...

Hotel Intercontinental, Budapest, Hungary
2nd July 2014 - 4th July 2014

The conference focuses on main functional components of a 3D video system, namely, capturing 3D scenery, processing the captured data for storage ...

Its official, video eyewear is taking off in a big way. The latest of these half-breeds between HMDs and HUDs is Seventh Heaven's 'Portable Home Theatre'.

A monoscopic unit, this eyewear unit, actually closer to a HMD than...

A team led by Yale University researchers has created the first rudimentary solid-state quantum processor, taking another step toward the ultimate dream of building a quantum computer.

They also used the two-qubit superconduc...