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1. A platform with VR may be a codebase; a pre-made set of coding instructions, assumptions, and basic structural framework from which a functional virtual environment can be swiftly deployed then later customised.

2. A physical mockup of a car, plane, boat, or other vehicular system used as the interface control in a simulation.

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Platform Comparison: Moove Vs ActiveWorlds
A direct platform comparison between Moove, and ActiveWorlds social VRs. Moove and ActiveWorlds are both social VR platforms, each taking a different route at giving its userbase a virtual reality experience for the alternate lives carried out within.

Locally Hosted resource
Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Music Appreciation
ActiveWorlds Gate 5.0 launched on November the 26th 2009, in readiness for the launch of ActiveWorlds 5.0 on December the 1st 2009. Here we see one of the rooms off of the main concourse, where the company nods politely to all the independent radio firms that operate within it's platform. Eight platforms are available. To hear the music, just stand in the column-shaped invisible zone on top of each disk, and the music will start streaming, assuming the radio station lives long enough of course. This location brings home another problem the platform is trying to hide - the steady decline of users.

World Review: AWDebate
World Review: AWDebate welcome screen
AWDebate is a dedicated-purpose VR conferencing suite, the best the ActiveWorlds platform could create.
Special Client Required

Linked resource
20 issues of porting C++ code on the 64-bit platform
A gamedev article, ritten for programmers who use C++ in particular, but applicable to all languages. Discusses problems in the port of code from 32bit, to 64 bit architectures.

Linked resource
Landscape of Virtual World systems
A 60-slide slideshow, produced by Tim Holt in 2008, describing for non-industry professionals, the basic requirements of setting up a VR platform, the work expected, and a few examples of others? success.

The development centre for J2ME, one of the latest, and brightest of Mobile Phone development systems.

Locally Hosted resource
3D Engines > Vpython
Vpython, short for "Visual Python" is a 3D library specifically written for the open-source, cross-platform language, Python.

AWDebate is a dedicated-purpose VR conferencing suite, the best the ActiveWorlds platform could create, sitting on enough land for a truly impressive conferencing and exhibition centre.

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Showing the Rooms
ActiveWorlds' gateway shows off it's resource rooms for creating your own virtual world on their platform, and links to third party instruction manuals for coding bot programs to increase the realism.

Locally Hosted resource
Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Minimal Information
It is well known that ActiveWorlds as a company, have never really gotten a firm grasp on good marketing strategies in the decade plus they have been in existence. Still, as this room is set-up along with a dozen others as the first things newcomers to the platform get to explore, there is an immediate and glaring problem, showcased by the avatar in this picture.


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Google delivered its vision of a Web-centric future on Wednesday in front of around 5,000 software developers at its annual Google I/O conference.

The presentation was unapologetically geeky, steeped in the language and minut...

Four leading Japanese electronics makers said Monday they will team up with top network operator NTT DoCoMo to develop the operating system for its next-generation cellphones, due for launch next year.

Sharp, Panasonic, NEC a...

No, its not Java. South Korea, home of the most active VR industry on the planet, has created and is marketing as a government project, a ?game engine? which will happilly talk to the underlaying hardware of almost any computing device, so ...

Japan's number one mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo has said it will add a new application platform to its "i-mode" handsets this year as it tries to catch up with Apple's runaway iPhone success.

NTT DoCoMo will allow thi...

Ignacio Arganda, a young researcher from San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) working for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the driving forces behind Fiji, an open source platform that allows for application sharing a...