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Point Of View

Point Of View or POV, is the name for the point - or points with sterioscopy - from which the user views the virtual world.

The expected POV is through the eyes of their avatar, but this is by no means the only POV a user can usually expect. In many systems, the point of view is free floating, or can be zoomed in and out.

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Explorers have more fun
A short, half-ranty article that is true to the point. Looking at what brings griefers to any virtual environment, from the griefer?s point of view, and suggesting ways to minimize their impact through the intelligent design of a world.

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Anonymity at its best
An interesting tongue in cheek, short article that set?s out the point of view of detractors against net anonymity in an elegant way.

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VR Environments in the Workplace: The Cubicle worker
A dreamscapes narrative, about the near future of business for cubicle workers, using a story to bring across the human point of view rather than that of the technology.

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Brain Briefings: Taste Detectors
A layperson-designed article from the American Society for Neuroscience, explaining the basics of how the sense of taste functions, from a chemical and neural point of view.

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Brain Briefings: Smell and the Olfactory System
A layperson-designed article from the American Society for Neuroscience, explaining the basics of how the sense of smell functions, from a chemical and neural point of view.

It may look a little ungainly, and perhaps not best for use in outside environments, but the EyeSeeCam, developed by biomedical engineers and clinical neurologists at the University of Munich Hospital, is camera designed to store and transmit the exclusive point of view of its wearer's eyes.

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Production Testing and Bug Tracking
It's standard in the software development timescale, to leave bug-tracking, and problem solving until the Alpha development phase, when balancing is usually handled. This article from the game development professional's point of view, looks at why that is a bad idea, and strategies for handling bugs before they get to that stage.

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Using the Wii to View Patient Images
When you stop and think about it for a moment, the most logical and intuitive way to view a collection of pictures - which is what most radiology scans consist of - is to reach out with your hand and sift through them.

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PiVOT: Personalised View Overlays for Tabletops
Developed by researchers at the University of Bristol 's Interaction and Graphics department, PiVOT is a project designed to allow a group of people to interact with the same interactive display table system,by providing a personalised view of the data space on the table to each user, but at the same time, providing a central, shared view of the data so everyone can see the big picture.

World Review: Furcadia
World Review: Furcadia welcome screen
Furcadia is a third-person perspective world - you view your character from above, in an isometric view.

To connect and participate in Furcadia is free, however, there are many alluring extras, add-ons for your characters, available for purchase.
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No matter how clean your car's windshield, the view from the driver's seat is less than perfect. Solid features such as dashboard and doors can conceal road hazards such as other vehicles and pedestrians.

Now a team of engi...

A formal complaint about Google's Street View has been sent to the Information Commissioner (ICO). Drawn up by privacy campaigners, it cites more than 200 reports from members of the public identifiable via the service.


Google Inc.'s unstoppable drive to map and photograph the world has run into an immovable object - Switzerland's strict tradition of personal privacy.

The country's privacy watchdog announced Friday that he plans to haul t...

Whether you’re walking, biking or driving, navigation systems can help you get from A to B – as long as you have a GPS signal. This positioning technology usually works fine in both urban and rural outdoor areas, but it is of limited use in...

The folks at NPR's Picture Show blog have collected a slideshow of beautiful, wistful, dramatic moments on the street caught by Google's Street View. In 2007, Google sent cars carrying an eyelike sphere fitted with nine cameras to capture...