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Pointing is the catch-all description for specifying the direction of travel with any 6DOF tracking device - a Wanda, a dataglove, or other free moving, limb-attached device.

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Are developers just thick, or something?
An interesting spin of an article, this starts out looking at virtual worlds from the average participant?s perspective, pointing out all the desires and frustrations of the userbase with the speed of apparent technological development of the multiverse. Then spins that on its head and neatly answers those questions with the hard truths those of us who work with them are well aware of.

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"I liked that other place. There was a God there."
This is a whimsical tale of a journey into an as yet uncreated virtual sim world, an Earth in its entirety, which has been created to test the hypothesis of an Earth ?spinning with its axis of rotation in the plane of its ecliptic around the sun, its south pole always pointing at the sun.? The article goes into great depth and hilarity, but ends with a poignant note on the nature of VR worlds, which you would do well to remember.


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Manfred Fiebig at the University of Bonn, Germany, has proved the existence of ferrotoroids ? circles of magnetised atoms all pointing in one direction.

They can exist in only two forms ? the magnetic atoms can be pointing th...

A new sensing eye-cam, developed by Columbia University researchers at the Vision and Graphics Center, which takes a 'snapshot' of the iris of your eye, and swiftly processes it into an image of everything you were viewing at that moment ...

Five years from now, it is likely that the mobile phone you will be holding will be a smooth, sleek brick -- a piece of metal and plastic with a few grooves in it and little more.

That means speaking to your phone rather than...

?What You See is What You Can Get?. Wondering what does this statement mean? This is what Nokia?s ?Point & Find? will do. Nokia has announced its plan to start rolling out its augmented reality tool ?Point & Find? for mobile phones next ye...

Looking at the near future, it appears that VR interfaces are finally starting to advance beyond the old paradigms. University of Toronto researchers have created a system that frees 3-D graphics from the restraints of flat computer screens...