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Polygon Count Issue

In real-time 3D rendering the polygon count issue is always at the forefront. It is based on the physical limitations of rendering in that no matter how advanced the render hardware or software, there is a hard limit to the number of polygons that can be rendered per frame.

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Polygon Count Issue


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Count Zero was William Gibson?s second novel. Slotting in straight after Neuromancer, it takes place in the same universe, a few years down the track. The work is a literal wealth of technological ideas, beautiful metaphors and breathtaking script.

World Review: Planet Virtu
World Review: Planet Virtu welcome screen
A small community hamlet, nestled away from the more frequently trodden paths, this builder's worldlet clings to the dream of low-polygon freedom.
Rating 46.5
Special Client Required

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Unwell in Flesh, Successful in Mind
A look at a quote from Count Zero, and on the likely reality of successful businesspeople living divorced from malfunctioning bodies, in ways they could never hope to leverage to be successful, today.

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A Virtual Life: A half-life?
A sobering quote from Count Zero which does make you think. Even for those of us keen to experience life through the virtual as the great equalizer, unless we hit the point where VR is literally everywhere, with AR and physical life hopelessly intermingled and intertwined, a life solely through VR is always going to be a life at disadvantage, when interacting with others, who get to live in both.

Mona Lisa Overdrive, penned in 1988, is the third and final book of William Gibson?s Sprawl trilogy, and also, his third book. Following on the heels of Neuromancer and Count Zero, Overdrive is by far the most lightweight of the trio, basing more in reflected glory from the other books, than attempting to stand on its own.

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Civanon is a humourous twist to the issue of addiction to gaming and social VR. It is an alcoholic?s anonymous style tongue-in-cheek civilisation player?s self-help service.

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Avatar Pieces for Every VR Environment
With all graphical elements for 3D VR there is a further issue beyond finding a program or library capable of meeting your requirements. This article describes the simple steps necessary to ensure the items you choose are compatible with your VR of preference.

Police in the United Kingdom are starting to augment their bodies with technology, in order to better perform their duties. Crude augmented reality equipment is already becoming standard issue.

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Self Recognition as a Perception Issue
A study on rubber hand illusion as applied to the face, which raises further questions about the nature of self, providing further evidence that who we are and who we perceive ourselves to be, are not as intertwined as once thought, and both are subject to change based on sensory stimuli.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: Immunity to Fire
The temperature problem is a major issue for actual prosthetics. Not being at all aware when your arm is on fire, is a very bad - and potentially expensive - possibility for any user of a modern prosthetic, even one tied into the nervous system.


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VR headset developer Valve is "comfortable" with the idea that the technology could turn out to be a complete failure.

Gabe Newell, head of the game studio, made the statement in an interview with news site Polygon.

(Press Release) At the end of December 2006, VizUp Technology unveiled a new polygon reduction system that enables anyone to reduce the number of polygons in a complex 3D model up to 90% without much effect on its visual quality.

Even though forgetting is such a common occurrence, scientists have not reached a consensus as to how it happens. One theory is that information simply decays from our memory?we forget things because too much time has passed. Another idea s...

Realism is such a funny word. It can mean precisely emulating the humdrum of normal life, or it can mean increasing immersion, and believability. In this case, its realism of the good kind, the increase in believability thanks to normal map...

Twitter, the social media site founded in 2006, still has its share of haters. But more and more serious writers have embraced it as a viable forum for short writing. We're not talking about links, random shout-outs or celebrity spoutings,...