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Positive Extrusion

Extrusion in modelling is the act of taking a 2D plane, forming a shape on that plane, and then pushing out a solid object in that shape as a cylinder from that plane.

Positive extrusion adds a pillar of solid material to the model in the form of the cylinder created. It can be straight out from the plane, or at an angle. However, it is always in a straight line, and always the exact cross section of the shape on the 2D plane.

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Positive Extrusion



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X-ray technology in the 21st century
A mainstream article from the BBC looking at the spread of PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Standard) in UK health centres in mid 2007, and the profound positive impact it has had on those health authorities it has been adopted in.

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Some Uses of Fire
Fire is so much more than a tool of destruction, this natty article looks at the positive role the use of fire can have in so many skills, and even be used to farm the land. Consisting both of skill listings, and write up, this is an invaluable resource for use of fire.

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Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Increases Prosthetic BMI
A Journal of the American Medical Association study looked at targeted muscle re-innervation to see if it did indeed have as much success as studies conducted by those with a vested interest in a positive result.

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Damaging Education with Virtual Environments: BarbieGirls
BarbieGirls is quite possibly a very sick and twisted virtual world. It is ironically making use of the power of the interactive medium which comprises virtual reality. It has great power to educate and inform, to engage the participant, with positive feedback and reinforcement.

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IPhone, Android Telehealth for Health Professionals (Part 4)
Telehealth applications are not just telehealth based any more. The same techniques that have helped the powerful computer/mobile phone hybrids like iphone and Android turn telehealth on its head in the past few months, are now starting to turn back in upon themselves, and affect in a positive way, how healthcare provision inside the hospital is carried out.

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Connecting Twitter to a Light Display
An augmented reality exercise for the London Olympics - connect the lights of the London Eye up to twitter, and scan all the feeds simultaneously for mentions of them. Positive toned comments light bulbs. Negative toned comments turn bulbs off.

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Podcast: Augmented Reality for Advertisers
This podcast is in the main, created for advertisers by media advertiser specialists. It focusses on augmented reality in the main, but discusses some virtual reality initiatives as well. It shows how AR can really push a product and get customers excited about it in ways other media cannot. It also shows everyone else, how advertising can be seen as a positive vector for the mainstream uptake of this technology.


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The 7th Annual Games for Health Conference is gearing up! On May 18-19 join hundreds of game developers, health professionals, and leading researchers to discover, brainstorm, and...