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Post-Scarcity Economy

A post-scarcity economy is a hypothetical form of economy or society in which things such as goods, services and information are free, or practically free.

Whilst it sounds like a pipe dream, such a future is feasable due to abundance of fundamental resources in conjunction with sophisticated automated systems capable of converting raw materials into finished goods (molecular assemblers). In such a world, manufacturing would be as easy as duplicating software.

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Post-Scarcity Economy


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A Fourth Economy
In less than 20 years, the service economy is being replaced with a new model, the 'Experience Economy', a model in which, whilst there is still a place for services, they are not the main act of the economy. Instead, what is is the provision of experiences, memes, sensory indulgances, and a deeply personal and individual type of service.

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Second Life: Virtual Economy Key Metrics, Feb 2007
A compilation of key metrics for Second Life population data, released by Linden Labs for anyone desiring to set up within this environment. Data is in Excel format.

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Cities XL
Gameindustry.biz take a look at Cities XL, Monte Cristo's ambitious product, attempting to combine a traditional city-simulation game with massively multiplayer online functionality, giving players the option to take part in a global, entirely player-dependent global economy.

This book was originally produced in 1962, heralding Arthur?s predictions of the future of mankind, from a technological standpoint, across all sectors of industry and life. The updated version has a chapter dedicated to VR, robotics, and the post human world.

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Do in WoW as You would in RL
A couple of days ago, Blizzard, the parent company to World of Warcraft, stunned many people with a privacy-related announcement. They were making changes to the forums, and from an unspecified date in the near future, they will require all forum posters to have their real first and last names, together with all character names, on display on every post they make.

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This short article, written in response to a forum post at another site, whose origin is, sadly, unknown, expresses the need of Role-Playing gamers to present a united front by embrasing differences between gamers, rather than suppressing, or ignoring them. As the author points out, these actions damage the RP gaming community as a whole.

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Virtual Iraq: Using simulation to treat a new generation of traumatized veterans
An emotionally powerful article by the New Yorker, on the use of virtual reality immersion to to treat young war veterans returning from conflict with acute post traumatic stress disorder.

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Podcast: Juan Enriquez: Beyond the crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo evolutis
Juan Enriquez' humorous talk from TED 2009, meandering through the state of the economy, developments in stem cells, tissue cloning and robotics - and how they are all connected. Very funny, very poignant. It will not say anything you do not already know, if you have kept up with transhumanist work, but serves as a nice, low barrier introduction.

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Inside The Digital Toy Factory - Developing To Deadlines
Denki calls itself a "digital toy factory," not a game developer. In this in-depth post, co-founder Colin Anderson discusses the studio's thoughts on process, including the importance of change, the scientific method, and influences from the old Hollywood studio system as well as theatre.

Starring Edward Furlong (Terminator 2), the premise is that this teen is sent the latest in VR tech through the post ? Brainscan, the ultimate in VR video gaming. Slipping the headset on, he finds himself playing as a murderer. He has to kill another human being, and not leave any witnesses. A four stage game, he completes the first stage, and finds to his horror, the murder really did take place.


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Marshall Brain, founder of How Stuff Works and author of e-book Robotic Nation, recently spoke at the Singularity Summit in San Jose, USA. There, he outlined his fears that as robotics get more able, they will start to threaten lower end jo...

In the Second Life economy, more than $600,000(usd) changes hands every day. Now the virtual world is about to play host to a BBC show about that economy and how people have made substantial money from it.

The possibility of ...

Miniature horse Belle, has a titanium post in her left hind leg to replace the missing hoof and 20 per cent of her leg that had to be amputated after an attack by a mink or racoon eight months ago cut off circulation in her leg.

HZB scientists observe how a material at room temperature exhibits a unique property -- a ā€˛multiferroic" material with potential uses for cheap and quick data storage. Researchers at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) in close collaboration ...

During the Great Depression, the government tried to revive the economy with the New Deal's public work projects, and ended up paying people to dig unneeded ditches.

In today's deep recession, digital age advocates are tryi...