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Powergamer is the term given to a player in a game, or participant in a roleplayed environment who seeks to gain maximum benefit from every action, regardless of how much fun that takes from the game, or from other participants.

They typically spend weeks pouring over spreadsheets, learning the mechanics inside out, hunting for that one minute competitive advantage, which they will hammer hardest.

These people perhaps fit best into Dr Richard Bartle?s Achiever player type.

Powergamers are not a problem when playing a game, as the objective of a game is to win, and winning is what powergamers excel at. The problem comes when they enter social virtual environments, which are not games, and have no 'win' at the end, to strive towards.

They still try to 'game the system' in order to maximise their perceived edge, and are thusly bane of certain role-playing games, social games and online games like MUDs and their ilk, as well as all manner of utter non-gaming environments, due to their tendency to treat every aspect of these social communities as a game, and 'play' them as such.

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A more serious article, along the same broad bent of The story of Havoc, this one looks at the views, and downright obsurdities -of the powergamer, that unusual breed of player who plays to win, nothing else.


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