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The primitive is the most basic 3D shapes that are used to derive all others. In polygon systems they are triangles, since all shapes can be made out of them, as polygonal models never curve. In metaball modelling primitives are spheres, and may be squares, pyramids, even cones in other systems.

More than one primitive can exist in a given system, but nothing that those primitives cannot make, can exist.

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One of the first mobile clinical assistants to hit the market, was the Philips MCA in 2006. Created as a partnership between Philips and Intel, this relatively primitive wireless data input unit, was designed to be held in one hand, and interacted with by a stylus in the other.

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RFID: Beginnings of the sensor web?
RFID ? Radio Frequency Identification. These small tags are starting to drift everywhere. Powered by the radio field the reader sends out when it scans for a tag, these tiny, primitive devices may actually be heralds of the sensor web.

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World's Oldest Prosthetics Show Even Primitive societies Used Prosthetics
In a discovery that is just as good for realistic content inside historical or fantasy-based virtual environments as it is for showcasing the history of prosthetics, a researcher at the University of Manchester has shown that not only were realistic prosthetic devices present in ancient Egypt, but by using MoCap, analysed how they worked.


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The ability to learn complex, symbolic math is a uniquely human trait, but it is intricately connected to a primitive sense of magnitude that is shared by many animals, finds a study to be published by the Proceedings of the National Academ...

Researchers have discovered that a primitive region of the brain responsible for sensorimotor control also has an important role in regulating emotional responses to threatening situations. This region appears to work in concert with anothe...

Rochester, Oakland County, USA. Soon, wandering arond the streets of this historic town will be possible from the comfort of your own home. Using a string of QuickTime panaromas, all interlinked with each other, Cyber City Tours, the online...

A primitive quantum computer that uses single particles of light (photons) whizzing through a silicon chip has performed its first mathematical calculation. This is the first time a calculation has been performed on a photonic chip and it i...

Leeds University researchers are working hard to bring one of the Augmented Reality boons into being. They are developing ways of reading the human body, so that a simple gesture initiates a command.

The work is being done by...