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Progressive Radiosity

Progressive Radiosity is a form of lighting. It like all forms of radiosity, is used to determine he amount of light reaching a surface that is actually reflected off of other surfaces. It is termed progressive, because it conquers radiosity in stages. Rather than attempting to determine all reflections in a scene all at once, the whole scene is processed assuming only one level of reflection, and surfaces that are likely to reflect again, are noted.

Then the scene is processed again, filling in these secondary reflection sources, and tertiary are noted. The scene is then processed again and again until no more sources are present, the reflected light has fallen below a given threshold, or a set number of clock cycles are used up.

In this manner, the diffusion in lighting is laid down progressively (hence the name), to give a soft effect, in as few calculations as possible.

See Also: Raytracing, Raycasting, Radiosity, Caustics

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