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Progressive Scan Format

Progressive scan format is a display method in which all horizontal lines on the screen are drawn at the same time, as opposed to the interlaced system most TV pictures move. The result is progressive scan format uses more power, but updates the whole screen twice as fast as interlaced. This is ideal when the scene is fast moving and constantly changing.

See Also: Interlaced Picture

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Improving LIDAR: Calibrate and Scan
A new technology currently being trialled by the EU, seeks to substantially improve the LIDAR machine vision system's accuracy. To enable the system to differentiate between moving and stationary targets, and prioritise where to scan.

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External-Grade 3D Scanners
All 3D scanners have had one thing in common: You place the object inside the scanner, which performs a scan either around the object or through the object. However, if the item is too big to be encapsulated in this fashion, and you still have to scan it, you need an entirely different type of scanner.

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Virtual Environment business meetings a reality - commonplace by 2010
A short, previous news snippet, from 24/09/2003, looking at the increasing uptake in VR used for high-level business meetings. A progressive trend indeed.

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Proof of Concept for “The 3D Printer Problem”
For SIGGRAPH 2013, one joint research team presented a proof of concept method to solve the 3D printer problem - the ability of any 3D printer to theoretically counterfeit any physical object small enough for it to print. They demonstrate a terahertz-radiation 'watermark' that can be 3D printed inside a genuine object, is easy to scan for, and very difficult to duplicate from the scan data.

This book and CD is essentially the electronic format version of Eadweard Muybridge?s ?Animals in Motion?. It contains electronic format versions of 167 black-and-white photographic sequences captures the movements of 34 different animals as they run, fly, leap, and perform other characteristic actions. Includes 10 bonus Flash animations plus 15 photographic sequences that are ready to be animated.

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Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier for Improved Visualisation
When it comes to using chemical or radioactive markers to make parts of the brain easier to see, and more finely detailed with a magnetic resonance scan, your options have been rather limited.

A handy dictionary of terminology in printed format for 2D and 3D computer modelling.

"Today a brain scan reveals our thoughts, moods, and memories as clearly as an X-ray reveals our bones. We can actually observe a person's brain registering a joke or experiencing a painful memory."

Complete Website: mmogchart.com
A small web service, dedicated to mapping the statisics on practically every MMO out there: Subscribers, active subscribers, market share, and a whole lot more. Comparisons available in xls format.

It can be hard to truly explain the focus of a complex worlds system in a single article; this semi-slideshow format is designed to give you an overview in easilly digestible, bitesize chunks.


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(Press Release) LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, announced at the end of December 2006, the availability of building materials from the major Japanese manufacturers,...

In a moving tale showcasting the true power of brain-machine interfaces, a 41 year old Japanese man, paralysed with a progressive muscle disease, and not far off becoming a quadriplegic, has taken a stroll in second life.


German-based Sachform Technology (www.sachform.de) has released a suite of textures for use in immersive environments.

August, 18th, 2005, Sensbachtal, Germany ? Sachform Technology (www.sachform.de) is pleased to announce t...

Random House Inc. announced Monday that it was making thousands of additional books available in digital form, including novels by John Updike and Harlan Coben, as well as several volumes of the "Magic Treehouse" children's series.

Of the two next-generation DVD formats - Blu-ray and backed HD-DVD - Blu-ray is starting to pull ahead, as the de-facto new standard, as the games industry is supporting it.

Blu-ray, backed by 100 firms including Sony, is com...