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Progressive Scanning

Progressive Scanning is a display method in which all horizontal lines on the screen are drawn at the same time, as opposed to the interlaced system most TV pictures move. The result is progressive scanning uses more power, but updates the whole screen twice as fast as interlaced. This is ideal when the scene is fast moving and constantly changing.

See Also: Interlaced Picture

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Progressive Scanning


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Virtual Environment business meetings a reality - commonplace by 2010
A short, previous news snippet, from 24/09/2003, looking at the increasing uptake in VR used for high-level business meetings. A progressive trend indeed.

Toshiba's leviathan of a computed topography scanner, Aquilion ONE is an attempt to go beyond the need for multiple scanning tests. The plan is to replace x-rays, CAT scans, nuclear studies, and other visualisation based diagnosis techniques in one swoop.

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Standards > MedX3D
The Medical Working Group of the X3D consortium is developing an open interoperable standard for human anatomy representation. This standard works with multiple types of scans (CAT, MRI, PET, and others), and allows equipment manufacturers to be able to export data collected from the scanning machines into a shared data format.

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Shopping Sensors to Determine Produce Quality
A prototype spectrometer, smaller than a sugar cube, cheap as mud, and designed to fit inside the next generation of mobile phones, brings the possibility of scanning fruit, veg, meat, fish, and many other items in real-time, to determine how fresh and healthy they are, before you purchase them - without damage from the scan.

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The Minds Eye, Scanning, and Improving VR
If you are looking for someone in a crowded scene, whether a "where's Wally" book, or a crowded cafeteria, your eyes scan the room like a roving spotlight, moving from face to face? Researchers at Researchers at MIT's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory have found that you do. What's more there's something very much akin to a clock cycle controlling the speed at which you do so.

The Alcyone type scanner is a new technology being created by GE Healthcare. It's actually in several of their medical scanners not just one, specifically in the the Discovery NM 530c and the Discovery NM/CT 570c. It cuts scanning time down to a quarter of the traditional time for nuclear scanners, and outputs natively in 3D.

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Fast Adaptive Optics for 3D Medical Imaging
One of the greatest problems with tomography based medical scanners, is what happens when the patient moves (breathes, or pumps blood). The distortion that occurs in each slice has long been correctable, but takes a long time to correct. With near-instant correction now possible, real-time medical scanning is starting to look like a true possibility.


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Aimee Mullins, 33, had both legs amputated ju...

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IBM scientists have demonstrated a promising and practical method that effectively eliminates the mechanical wear in the nanometer-sharp tips used in scanning probe-based techniques. This discovery can potentially be used in the development...

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