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Projected Reality

1. VR systems such as the BAT CAVE which use projectors and back lighting to create the virtual reality.

2. The superimposing of physical reality windows onto a virtual reality environment, such that participants of the virtual reality also see the physical reality object. This is usually a video stream.

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Bye Bye Blue Screen, Hello Virtual Reality
In September 2003, the BBC announced that it had finally found a new technology to replace the age old 'blue screen' - a virtual environment, projected straight on to the studio wall.

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VR Interfaces: The Heliodisplay
Remember StarWars? That iconic moment when the hologram of Princess Leia is projected from R2 D2? Heliodisplay is that technology made real. It is literally, the production of holograms that hover in thin air.

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VR Interfaces: Fogscreen
Fogscreen is a holoprojection method that utilises a layer of artificially fogged air as a display screen for projected content. It in effect, creates a cascading curtain of wet air that can be walked through whilst displaying moving, bright, images.

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Augmented Reality Basics: Magic Symbol
In myth and legend, a magic symbol is a pattern drawn on a physical object which possesses otherworldly powers; able to alter reality by creating protective circles, summon creatures to do the artist's bidding, or alter the structure of reality itself. Perhaps it is poetic that the same concept is now used as the keystone for augmented reality.

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Alternate reality games blur reality and fiction
A mainstream media piece on the growing explosion of augmented reality gaming - combining physical and virtual data as one, in order to play location-based games.

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Telling Reality from Fiction
An interesting study looks at how we differentiate real characters from fictional characters, and its not done the way you might think. Instead, reality and fiction are highly subjective traits, different for each individual, depending on how their reality is based.

Bad name puns aside, CamAR is exactly what it sounds like. Its an augmented reality camera system. Designed by Vuzix, it clips onto the outside of their VR920 virtual reality video eyewear, turning the 400 usd device into an augmented reality visor.

This book is dedicated to both virtual reality and augmented reality, as in how both apply to the manufacturing process. Everything from 3D visualisation and pre-manufacture prototyping to 3D printers and revolutionising the manufacture process.

Understanding Virtual Reality is essentially a holistic introductory book, covering in a little depth, a wide swathe of issues, applications and advancements in and around the sphere of virtual reality.


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Toyota's latest car is designed to improve safety not by anything it does on the road, but by its performance inside a giant simulator atop a 4.5m gantry.

The system features a real car inside a 7.1m-diameter dome with a 360...

Ray Kurzweil, prominent voice in accellerating intelligence, spoke to the World Economic Forum yesterday, solely by communicating through a virtual environment, projected round his form, and transmitted across the world using cutting edge t...

A virtual reality hand, complete with vital veins, that "feels" could help trainee nurses practise.

The tactile 3D virtual reality system uses force feedback technology developed by the British company UK Haptics.

(Press Release) VirTra Systems, Inc. announced a preliminary manufacturing and marketing agreement with Sanmina-SCI, a leading global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company.

The companies recently executed a memoran...

Augmented reality is sort-of the ?hybrid of natural physical reality, and virtual reality. It combines the two as one reality as far as the user is concerned.

Augmented reality wearable displays have been about for some time ...