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Pseudo Stereo

Pseudo stereo is the very weird effect produced when the left view image and the right view image are reversed. The left eye sees the view meant for the right eye, and the right eye sees the image meant for the left eye. This creates a conflict between depth and perspective, and usually makes the user extremely nauseous.

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Pseudo Stereo


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Solar Landscapes Captured & Available
NASA's STEREO probes have reached their optimal positions. The purpose? To create a continually changing, real-time map of the spherical star, more than detailed enough to use for terrain.

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Several reports indicate that prolonged viewing of mobile devices and other stereo 3D devices leads to visual discomfort, fatigue and even headaches. According to a new Journal of Vision study, the root cause may be the demand on our eyes t...

Tai Chiem, a Japanese designer, is creating a stirr, with a new prototype model PSP or Playstation portable, that consists of essentially a telescope tube from which unravels a flexible display membrane.

An electrical charge ...

Scientists using the camera aboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter are acquiring stereo images of the moon in high resolution (0.5 to 2 meters/pixel) that provide 3-D views of the surface from which high resolution topographic maps are...

Using a system similar to that used to create holograms, a pair of sterio orbiter satellites, launched last October are for the first time, producing stereoscopic images of the sun. Working in conjunction with a shutterglasses based display...

The Consumer Electronics Association has started standards work aimed at enabling home systems to play stereoscopic 3-D video. The group's first step will be to upgrade the interconnect standard at the heart of the High Definition Multimed...