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Appears to happen there and then, exactly the same as physical reality.

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3D projection

Active Haptic Exploration

Active marker MoCap



Backwards Raytracing

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

Biometric Interface

Cast Shadow


Direct Light

Distributed Raytracing


Dynamic Hard Shadow

Dynamic LOD reduction

Dynamic Photorealism

Dynamic Response

Dynamic Shadow

Dynamic Soft Shadow



Electronic Ink

Electronic perception technology

Evolving Artificial Neural Network

Flexible Object Animation


Forward Raytracing

Freeform Surface Modelling

Freeform Surfacing

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging



Gaussian Blur

Geographic Visualization


Geospatial Amalysis


Gesture Tracker

Gesture Tracking


Heart Rate Variability


High Fidelity Facial Motion Capture

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Highlight Pass


Indirect Light

Inertial MoCap

Input Glove

Interactive Dynamic Response

Interactive WhiteBoard

Internal Faces


Kinematic Motion Estimation

Layered Construction


Light Detection and Ranging

Lighting Pass

Machine Vision


Malleable Object

Map Based Travel

Mechanical MoCap

Mind Emulator

Motion Tracker

Motion Tracking


Multiple Textures

Neural Feedback





Non Real-Time Rendering


Overlapping Faces


Performance Capture

Photoacoustic Imaging

Physically Based Rendering

Physics Processing Unit

Polygon Count Issue

Position Tracker


Procedural Animation

Procedural Texture

Procedural Texture Generation


Quantified Self

Quantitative Electroencephalography

Real Time Radiography

Real-Time Image Processing

Real-Time Rendering

Reflection Pass

Render Layer

Render Pass





Shadow Pass

Simplex Noise

Smart Prosthetic

Soft Body Dynamics Engine

Spatially adaptive AR

Spatially Adaptive Augmented Reality

Specular Pass


Stochastic Raytracing





Thin Data Stream


Time modulated active marker MoCap

Triangles Per Second

Vertex shader

Virtual Studio

Visual Searching

Volumetric Shadow

Volumetric Smooth-Shadow


Wide Area Augmentation System


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Real-Time Feedback System for Skiers Opens Possibilities
The vLink Computer System approach to skiing is rather novel. It's a data collection sensor set that clips to the front of a pair of skis, and in real-time, monitor in real-time forward speed and lateral displacement data of the skis as the skier proceeds down a mountain.

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Large Image Display: VTT's AR Sensor Web for Real-Time Road Ice Detection
A larger version of the system overview map from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, demonstrating how their latest HGV-based modular real-time ice detection sensor web really functions.

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Instantaneous Visual Virtual Face
One of the major issues with any virtual form, is facial expression. Traditionally, getting a virtual face to match your physical intent for expression in real-time, was a lost cause. Even for big budget film making, CG overlays had to be constructed frame by frame by hand. Enormously time consuming, ludicrously expensive and completely useless for real-time usage.

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Improving the Internet for Real-Time Applications
Norweigian researchers are attempting once again to tackle the serious shortcoming the net has when it comes to gaming and VR applications. The way it was designed to get a packet to its destination no matter what, and was not designed for real-time applications.

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Protein Binding as a Virtual World
A new virtual environment, unveiled by researchers at the Southern Methodist University, is an interactive-real-time simulation of the human cell's 'sump pump', intended to allow researchers to interact with it in real-time, and determine how to bypass it for cancer cells.

A required reading book on real-time scene rendering that has been around for years, this book serves as a holistic, platform-independent guide for creating high frame rate renders that are as realistic as possible for the hardware available ? and teaches you where the bottlenecks are in the process so that you learn how to gauge new hardware from spec and understand how it will directly impact performance.

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An Air Quality Sensor Web Made From iPhones
Researchers at the University of California demonstrate how to turn thousands of private iPhones into a single real-time sensor web, with the help of a plug-in sensor, and an app that provides enough real immediate benefit to the iPhone users thatthey'll run it much of the time. In this case, air quality sensors, complementing (and exceeding) the capabilities of the traditional air quality weather stations.

At the time of publication, it was the best book on the subject of networking real-time, multiple user, persistent environments. Although it is still on the market today, the problem is, it is almost hopelessly dated, still insisting on a hierarchical architecture, which was perfect at the time, but just cannot cope with large worlds today.


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Real DB Inc has released a large library of military vehicle 3D models for 3DS Max, and Creator model formats. "We decided to convert our complete library in Autodesk? 3ds Max? format to allow Game Developers access to our products" noted...

April 24 - April 28, 2006
Gyeongju, South Korea

This is the ninth IEEE Computer Society symposium dealing with the rapidly expanding field of object-oriented real-time distributed computing (ORC) technology. The princi...

Researchers have developed an effective real-time performance management and feedback system for alpine ski racers that allow skiers to better understand their carved turning skills and improve their performance.

A study in S...

Zoran Popović and colleagues at the University of Washington have come up with techniques that allow the modelling of the most likely shape of air flow patterns in real-time, for vehicles and other objects moving outside of laboratory ...

The live train map for the London Underground is a nearly real-time Google Maps mashup that shows the various trains of the London Underground as they move about their subterranean travels.

The real-time Web, put simply, is a...