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Realm versus Realm

RvR or Realm versus Realm is a new take on Player versus Player or PvP combat in VR gameworlds, in which basically one species wars upon another. This typically creates intense, epic battles which create hefty demands on servers, but which often increase player enjoyment, at least for a while.

RvR differs from PvP in that you cannot just target another player at will, but only one who is a different race to yourself, promoting a limited alliance in players participating as the same race.

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Realm versus Realm



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Opening The Prison
There is a necessity to virtualise every basic part of a person's body in order to create a virtual shell that is as comfortable or more comfortable than the original physical shell. It goes beyond the basic external senses, it goes beyond proprioception, and into the realm of, as the Matrix films would say "residual self image". It is necessary to create a form complete and intricate enough that the person whose mind is inside it can walk in front of a reflective surface, look in and feel 'that's me.'

World Review: Virtual Forbidden City
World Review: Virtual Forbidden City welcome screen
Opened to the public in mid October 2008, IBM?s virtual forbidden city is a to scale replica of the Chinese city of the same name which served China for centuries as an exclusive realm for the nation's emperors. To create it, IBM spent more than three years working with Chinese officials and the Palace Museum to construct an interactive, animated replica of the 178-acre walled fortress in the Dongcheng District of Beijing.
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Immersive Newscasting versus Actuality
A quote from "Otherland: City of golden shadow", talking about the probable confusion that could result from a realistic enough, surround news feed versus actual physical experience of a disaster.

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Panoramic VR environments versus Interactive VR environments
For quite a few years now, there have been two disparate industries, both claiming to be true VR. Which truly is VR, and why?

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Simulation versus Shoot-em-up
An older article this, from the MUDding community, arguing pro role-play over a kill anything that moves slugfest. More specifically it takes a reasoned look at how you can encourage one over the other, in your playerbase.

A slide from the presentation Introduction to Virtual Reality which bears repeating independently, when it comes to virtual or augmented senses versus 'natural'.

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Trust and Computing: Trust Higher when Machines Appear Human
A study on the other end of the uncanny valley to usual approaches - on how humanising interfaces is always going to be beneficial versus mechanical-seeming interfaces, because the illusion of humanity engenders trust.

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You Tube of the first haptic, bionic arm versus a non-haptic
A comparison. Two women, both with prosthetic limbs. On the left, a standard prosthetic. On the right, a haptic prosthetic giving touch feedback. Who can complete the task faster, and is there much difference?

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Imaginary Realities: Beyond Player Killing
This old article, from the long-defunct e-zine Imaginary Realities, looks at various automated 'solutions' for player versus player conflict in gameworlds and virtual life worlds.


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