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Reproduction Fidelity

Reproduction fidelity is a term used in both augmented reality and mirror worlds, to describe the degree of faithfulness of reproduction of the physical world being combined with virtual elements before being delivered to the user?s senses. The higher the fidelity, the more of the physical world is replicated, and the more reliable it is.

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Reproduction Fidelity


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Virtual Limbs: Living with three arms
Virtual Reality is just beginning to head down the full body sensation reproduction path. We are at the very early stages of being able to recreate parts of the physical form, entirely in the virtual. This is a concept which is likely to have very a profound effect upon how we deal with the world around us.

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Combining MoCap and Gesture Recognition
MoCap - Motion Capture - for all its impressive abilities, has definite limitations in terms of sensory fidelity, the expense and bulk of the rig. Gesture control is cheap and captures every little movement, but easily overwhelmed. Is a hybrid system possible?

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Brain Reading: Diffusion Spectrum Imaging
Diffusion spectrum imaging is a new technique at time of writing, which allows magnetic resonance brain imaging, at a much higher level of fidelity than fMRI permits.

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Electrocorticography Grows Up
Electrocorticography or ECoG is a method of neural interface in which an electrode array, quite like a fine mesh, is draped over the upper surface of the brain directly, under the skull. A section of the skull is removed to allow the array to be fed in, then replaced. The result is near-identical to a high fidelity EEG that is under the skull and thus away from its pattern dampening properties.

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A team of physicists and engineers have demonstrated all-fibre quantum logic, where single photons are generated and used to perform the contolled-NOT quantum logic gate in optical fibres with high fidelity.

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Engineers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have recently built what they call an odour recorder, capable of recording the molecules that make up smells and storing them so they can be copied and reassembled later.

Given t...