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Also sometimes called Roleplay or Role Play, it means the art of playing a role - donning a life other than your own like an actor taking on a part. As a Role-player, you behave like that person, talk like them, even hold their world views within that world. Core roleplaying is sometimes known as RPI - Role Play Intensive, and in these situations your Out of world character (OOC) is totally ignored.

Relatively few people can carry out RPI to any real extent, but anyone can have a go, and once you start trying role play, many find it is really the most truly rewarding form of play.

The character you play through role play may be one of your own devising, or it may be a role assigned to you by the world.

See also Role Play, Roleplay, or RP

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Locally Hosted resource
Roleplaying (II) - on maturity
Not a role-play article par-se, this article is included here because it looks at the conflict between some extremes of role-play, and the RL morality issues when kids are involved. Note: the solutions raised are not proposals, merely comments.

Linked resource
Literary Role Play
?Muds are designed to move role playing onto computer networks. Yet they do not merely translocate, but transform role playing: the different environment, in which the players are also authors, and the text medium, which requires expressive language, can lead to a different type of role playing.?

Linked resource
I Think, Therefore I Role play
A heart warming story from Armageddon MUD, about their use of a ?think? command to help players flesh out their own characters, whilst role-playing, and silently interact with administrators, indirectly asking for role-playing hooks.

Linked resource
Role playing
A short, fun poem that summarizes fairly effectively, exactly what role play means to so many people.

Linked resource
Role-Play vs. Multi-play
An argument that playing multiple characters or alts on a roleplaying world, decreases the ability to roleplay in any depth. Well reasoned.

Linked resource
Clans in a Role playing World
How do you deal with, or come to terms with multiple-world-spanning clans inside a roleplaying world? Part 1: Looking at the role of clans in role-play.

Linked resource
A Brief History of Roleplaying, Part Two
A second look at the history of Role-Playing, with more in depth coverage of how the different types of system which encourage role-play have evolved over time.

Locally Hosted resource
RPer's Ramblings on VR Role-playing
This is a long, many sectioned paper, containing many suggestions, do's, and don'ts for better role-play in virtual worlds. Also available at the authors home site here.

Locally Hosted resource
Play the character, not the game
This story-based paper examines the different challenges, experiences, and memories available in role-play, and other types of 'game', in order to showcase the advantage of the one over the other. This one makes its point well.

Linked resource
Assumptive and Suggestive Roleplaying
An old article from the Imaginary Realities e-magazine, looking critically at the differences between assumptive ? presuming what the other party will do ? and suggestive, role-playing activities, Ten years later, it is still sorely needed, as using the wrong type of role-play in any shared experience, lessens the fun for both parties.


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Toyoter Motors has announced plans for four internet-based "virtual reality" events, beginning on July 23, through which TMC aims to gather consumer's opinions about cars and the future role they will play in their lives.


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