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SLAM or Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping is a pathfinding AI technique for robotics. It involves the robot building up a map of the area it travels, using onboard sensor systems. At the same time, the robot is tracking its position, either by GPS, or by triangulation with fixed transceiver points in the area.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: SLAM's Successor?
This speaks of a successor, an advancement to SLAM for robotic autonomous navigation. It also speaks of a possible new paradigm for use when building worlds.

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Drone Hacking Shows System Vulnerabilities
A research effort from a University of Texas at Austin has shown the real problems incurred when your drone AI relies near solely on a single sense to the exclusion of all others. In this case, GPS overriding machine vision means that if the GPS is hacked, the drone sees itself slam into a structure but does nothing about it.

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Intelligent, Sensitive Surgical Drill
Boring small holes in the head is a common occurrence for surgeons working on delicate surgical procedures for the senses. Dentists drilling teeth, surgeons drilling into the nose, ear, or drilling holes into the head. Delicate, tiny movements where one slip could slam the drill into soft tissue, rending arteries rearing ligaments, driving shards of bone into the brain.


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One of the latest requests from the pentagon, might at first glance sound a little chilling ? then too at second and third glance. However, it is a necessary and inevitable step in the robotification of armed forces.

The SBIR...

Robots that use educated guesswork, rather than being pre-programmed with a route are being tested by researchers at Purdue University in the US.

The hope is that robots who use prior experience to work out what they are like...

In an ironic twist of fate, helmets packed with sensors and software designed to give robots a sense of direction, may wind up on human heads.

AR headsets linked to SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping) software, allows a...

The Internet telephony software Skype has found its way into the business world, as corporate road warriors and remote workers use it to reduce long-distance and cell phone costs.

Most of today's Skype adherents use it for p...

Robot cars in the US will have to be fitted with black boxes that record what happens if they crash, under US policy covering the vehicles.

The demand is part of a newly issued US Transportation Department policy covering aut...