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Scripting System

A scripting system can mean several things:

1. An in-world accessible programming language designed forp layers to code their own creations and additions without threatening the stability of the environment?s main coding systems unduly.

2. A scripted narration system, using the same engines as the world client utilises, for passive cutscenes.

3. AI scripting.

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Scripting System

User-Extensible System


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Scripting is the spice of Second Life, and this official guide to the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) is the complete scripting resource for making your Second Life creations come to life, interacting with players, creating dazzling special effects, and adding realism to the virtual world.

This book is basically a watered down version of it?s companion book ?Scripting Your World: The Official Guide to Second Life Scripting?. It would be better to buy that instead.

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Monsters, Part 2
How to use simple proactive, and reactive scripting to create the idea that AI exists in your NPCs, without any AI programming. Just builder scripts and ingenuity.

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Mobprog faq
Mobprogs, scripting for MUD NPCs - the illusion of AI through triggers. This Mobprog FAQ attempts to answer the issues you will likely face when trying to create the illusion of intelligence this way.

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Mobprog Guide
Mobprogs, scripting for MUD NPCs - the illusion of AI through triggers. Through mobprog scripts, your non-player characters can be as immersive as your imagination can create. Article written with ROM Mobprogs in mind.

Complete Website: Skotos Tech
Skotos is a site with a fairly wide coverage, but it's resources go very deep. Oriented mainly towards designing, scripting, running, managing, and playing online worlds, it also manages to include a healthy amount of M** specific coding advice.

The second of the series of books, this one is divided into many sections, covering General Wisdom; Pathfinding and Movement; Group Movement, Tactics, and Planning; AI Animation Control; State Machines; Architecture; FPS, RTS, and Strategy AI; Racing and Sports AI; Scripting; Learning; Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks; Speech Recognition and Dialogue.

Organised into 7 sections, this comprehensive volume explores every important aspect of AI programming to help you develop and expand your own personal AI toolbox. You?ll find ready-to-use ideas, algorithms, and code in all key AI areas including general wisdom, scripting and dialogue, movement and pathfinding, architecture, tactics and planning, genre specific, and learning and adaptation.

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Cells with double vision
Unlike in the peripheral nervous system, where cells are often unable to distinguish which branching pathway an electrical system is travelling from, the central nervous system makes use of sophisticated internal networks not too dissimilar from an IP record, to differentiate between nervous pathways.

This book is very much a holistic first-timer?s guide to creating a hideously complex system ? a full virtual reality. The book describes a VR system as ?a system that provides a synthetic experience for its user(s)?, a definition which could not possibly be any broader.


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Demonstrating the tech and heading three speaker sessions at the GDC, lasting from March 9-11, Epic Games aim to show off integral features of the U3 engine. Among these; Seamless World Support, which allows the creation of virtually unendi...

The Seoul legal system has sided with MMO company NCSoft in a legal wrangle over makers of bot scripting programs. The Seoul Central District Court sentenced two distributors of "LinMate" AI-controlled robot player of Lineage I/II to susp...

Researchers at Stanford are offering a suite of tools called Protovis that streamline the process of building data visualizations. The tools still require knowledge of programming but are designed to be easier to implement for someone witho...

September 28 - 30, 2011
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA

The aim of the 6th annual North American Game-On Conference (GameOn'NA 2011)is to bring together academics, researchers and games people from Nor...

(Press Release) Okino Computer Graphics, a provider of 3D data translation technologies and solutions, and Act-3D, provider of real-time interactive virtual reality authoring solutions, have partnered to integrate Okino's PolyTrans 3D conv...