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A Self-Quantifier is someone who is able to quantify themselves. That is to say they have complete track of the data regarding what is going into their body, what is coming out, and the degree of efficiency their body is performing.

A form of Body Hacker, a self quantifier is a person whose life is filled with telehealth and monitoring devices that record what is happening – heart rate, breathing, weight, calories of intake, calories burned etcetera, and assembles this information on a continual basis in an electronic or online medium where it can be continually broken down and examined by monitoring programs keyed to determine the optimal performance levels of that user's body systems.

In short, they are a type of perfectionist, who must know everything about their own internal systems all the time, and use that information to determine when they will be at their best for various events in their lives, scheduling activities accordingly.

See Also: Telehealth, Body Hacker

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