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Self-shadows are so termed, because they are shadowing effects caused when an object casts a shadow onto another part of itself. For example, a prong sticking out of a box, catches the light and casts a shadow of the prong over the box. However, both are still the same model in model space.

See Also: Cast-Shadows

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Soft-Edged Shadows
A coder?s article about creating realistic, dynamic soft shadow in real-time interactive, and complex scenes.

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Got a License for That?
The state of Telnet-world technology is appaling. Virtual stagnation as vival codebases, rival each other for how long they can go without updating. Decade old code, still treated as fresh, things slipping into the shadows. Unnoticed, unloved, unhelped...

World Review: Everquest
World Review: Everquest welcome screen
Everquest is by far the largest MMORPG available right now with something in the region of 430,000 players, almost 120,000 of whom might be online at any one time. Now nearing five years of age, the original Everquest world of Norrath has been added to with the introduction of a fair few add-on packs such as Shadows of Luclin, or Velious Scars.
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A Ghostly World
You are travelling through a forest, dappled sunlight streaming through the branches above, casting shadows on the ground. Leaves crunch underfoot, and the odour floats up to you. Closing your eyes, you reach out to pluck a flower - and feel nothing. Opening your eyes, you see your hand is in the middle of the plant you tried to pluck. Carefully, focussing with your eyes, by trial and error, you grasp and break off the flower, not feeling anything between your fingers. Suddenly, you realise you cannot even feel your fingers, you have not been feeling them, and you run a hand over your body, no sensation; you have to look to see you are touching skin.


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Clouds are not normally a boon for image-processing algorithms because their shadows can distort objects in a scene, making them difficult for software to recognise.

However, Nathan Jacobs and colleagues at Washington Univers...

Dartmouth and UC Berkeley researchers have developed new software to detect faked photos, using a geometric algorithm to locate inconsistent shadows that are not obvious to the naked eye.

The new method is a significant step ...

Digital reproductions of oil paintings struggle to truly replicate the real thing and one of the biggest hurdles is capturing the 3D texture of the daubed, smeared and brushed oil paint.

But Il Don Yung at Hankuk University o...

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Researchers at a Massachusetts VA Medical Center have begun human trials of a new non-invasive diagnostic tool to detect plaques and tangles indicative of Alzheimer's: near-infrared lasers, flashed into the brain through the skull.