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Sensory Reference Frame

A sensory reference frame is where a reference frame for the location of your body, and for the world around you, is derived entirely from the relative locations of your senses. Your eyes, ears, and bodily limbs usually form the basic elements of the frame, with other sensory organs chipping in to lesser extents.

In the case of a virtual body, if all your senses are transmitting information derived from their perceived being in this virtual body, then your sensory reference frame ? your own frame of reference from all outside inputs ? is inside this virtual body, regardless of where your mind might, or might not be.

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An introduction to philosophy book, third in the ?Popular Culture and Philosophy? series, The Matrix and Philosophy is a collection of essays that mediate on the nature of existence, using the film The Matrix, and the simulation of total reality as a frame of reference.

The sequel to ?The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real?, this book continues the work of the first, by mediating on the nature of existence, using the film The Matrix, and the simulation of total reality as a frame of reference.

The official reference manual for OpenGL, in printed format, for reading away from the PC, or during a reboot. Outside of the Windows operating environment, Open Graphics Library, is industry standard for developing 2D and 3D applications.

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OpenGL Reference Manual
The official reference to OpenGL, online version of a book, published by Addison-Wesley.

This is essentially the one-stop reference for OpenGL, the bible of the graphics programmer as it were. Covers everything up to OpenGL 2.1.

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MUSH Reference Manual
This reference manual, designed for PennMUSH, but suitable for all MUSH codebases, provides an excellent grounding for familiarity with MUSHes. Note: File size is in excess of 130k.

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Our perception of the world is driven by sensory input which is sent to our brains through sequences of spikes carried by sensory neurons, an incoming/outgoing "language of the brain". This book explores the way in which the nervous system represents or encodes these sensory signals.

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Prevailing View of Brain's Sensory Processing System is Under Fire
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted on the first of July 2013, concerning the discovery that sensory data processed by the brain does not always follow the pathways it was shown to follow in the past. Specifically, signals often go through these areas, deeper into the brain, and the whole sensory processing model has been turned on its head.

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Instantaneous Visual Virtual Face
One of the major issues with any virtual form, is facial expression. Traditionally, getting a virtual face to match your physical intent for expression in real-time, was a lost cause. Even for big budget film making, CG overlays had to be constructed frame by frame by hand. Enormously time consuming, ludicrously expensive and completely useless for real-time usage.


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Researchers are beginning to wonder whether video games, long seen as a top time waster for kids and a roadblock to their educational development, might actually be a solution to what ails today's schools rather than a problem.

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