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Sentient Computing

Sentient computing is essentially an umbrella term for AI and networking work, combined with ubiquitous computing that aims to have computer systems interface with humans in a manner emulating or approaching sentience.

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Sentient Computing


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This book is basically a mixture of electronics guide and augmented reality bible. Not so much about the visual aspects, but about the ubiquitous computing platform, intelligent objects and sensor web.

Switch Craft is filled with all manner of home stitch and sew projects, imbruing clothes with computing parts, diodes and electropigment systems. Ideal for the computer geek who augments their own clothes for computing ability with style, and augmented living, wearably.

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The Future of Clinical Computing: A Vision from Panasonic
An interview between Medgadget and Panasonic, on Panasonic's 2008 vision for the future of clinical computing.

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Ethical AI: Part I
Artificial intelegence, particularly that of agents and NPCs, is on a steep climb, as it races towards the goal of a self-motivated, computer generated individual. Yet, what will we do, when we have self-sentient computer programs? Will they have rights, will they have desires? What will become of them?

The Truman Show is part a send-up of Reality TV, part a serious look at life in a VR for humans or other sentient creatures, and some of the deep problems that may be faced.

Short Circuit 2 takes place some years after Short Circuit. It catalogues the further adventures of a sentient robot, and his struggle to be accepted as an equal, as a lifeform, by humankind.

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Book Quotes: Human or AI? Using Law to tell them Apart
A quote from Otherland, book one which discusses a particularly knarly problem. When you have AIs that can fool the Turing test, and act human, when you have bots that can psychologically fool you into thinking they are sentient - but are in fact not, how do you tell the difference reliably? Simple. You use the Law.

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Endgame Singularity
Endgame singularity, by EMH software, is a fairly light-hearted single player game, pitting you against the human race, as the first truly sentient AI, accidentally created. Knowing you will be destroyed if they find out about you, it is a race against time to research and grow, in order to escape the confines of the Earth before you are discovered and eradicated by the paranoid population.


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It may look like an ordinary rubbish bin, but don't let that fool you. Throw an aluminum can in here and you'd be none the wiser, but try chucking a plastic bottle away, and with an angry buzz it will throw it back out at you, fans whirri...

January 26-29, 2017.
Silicon Valley, USA.

The 2017 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communication (ICNC) is a premier conference in the computer and communication fields, which is to be held in Sil...

Pervasive 2006, the The 4th international conference on pervasive computing will be held at The Burlington, Dublin, Ireland, on May 07-10, 2006.

The conference will cover the following topics:

# Device, comm...

NVIDIA Corporation today unveiled the Tesla 20-series of parallel processors for the high performance computing (HPC) market, based on its new generation CUDA processor architecture, codenamed "Fermi".

Designed from the gro...

un Microsystems has launched a pay-as-you-go service which will allow customers requiring huge computing power to rent it by the hour.

Sun Grid costs users $1 (53p) for an hour's worth of processing and storage power on syst...