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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a young discipline. A mixture of psychology ad AI, it is concerned with understanding human language, spoken, written and gestures, and trying to discern exactly which emotional states were presented in that communication.

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Sentiment Analysis


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Populating Ghostville: Getting and Keeping Players, Part 1
Using the LARP model as an example, this article offers three paradigms for advertising your world, along with a detailed analysis of the benefits and the likelihood of attraction.

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MoCap for Movement Analysis
Promising work by QuinteQ on real-time motion capture without excessive hardware, holds promise for MoCap use in public VR.

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The Elements of Good Mythtelling, Part Four: The Heroic Character
A good, thorough analysis of the hero's journey, and how parts of it can be used to make characters that, whilest not necessarily heroes, are respectful in aura none the less.

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VR Interfaces: VRIxp
VRIxp is a medical diagnosis device using what is perhaps a novel form of 3D visualisation. It uses audio analysis of vibration deep inside the body to assemble precise structural detail.

The iClub is a 3D pointer of a sort. It does not work alone, but instead is designed to be fitted to a golf club. Once attached, it uses internal gyroscopes and accelerometers to track its own position and acceleration through 3D space, reporting that information to itself, for storage and later analysis.

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Book Quotes: A Synthespian's AGI
A quote from the VR novel Idoru leads to speculation, and analysis of how a synthespian AI could be constructed - would be constructed.. The logical result is a slightly scary, extremely alien mind structure. Yet, this seems a perfectly feasible form for AGI.

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HMDs, Caves & Chameleon: A Human-Centric Analysis of Interaction in Virtual Space
An elegant comparison between three very different forms of hardware-mediated virtual reality - HMD immersive displays, CAVE immersive VR systems, and Chameleon VR systems that carve out a nook for themselves within the physical world.

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Comparative Skills
An old article from the Imaginary Realities e-magazine, arguing about the use of comparative skill measuring when two parties face off against one another in competition in any gameworld. Comparative skills are more or less universally used over absolute skill levels these days. This article, with full mathematical analysis, shows why.

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The proliferation of the little black box
A BBC article discussing the increasing trend of black boxes, which work similarly to aircraft black boxes in cars, to drive insurance costs down. These record every action the driver takes, for later automated analysis by the insurer. Insurance prices go up or down depending on how safe the driver's driving actually is.


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July 13?17, 2008
Chicago, Illinois, USA

The purpose of the AAAI-08 conference is to promote research in AI and scientific exchange among AI researchers, practitioners, scientists, and engineers in related disciplines.<...

Bing Local Search has some interesting features you won't find in Google, so the prospect of seeing Bing listings appear on top of your iPhone's camera viewer when you point at a restaurant or business is intriguing. That's what forthcom...

Google is planning to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to the Raspberry Pi.

The low-cost credit-card sized computer is widely used by schools and the maker community for programming devices.

June 22nd 2014 - June 27th 2014
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The conference covers a broad spectrum of disciplines working towards enabling intelligent systems to interact with humans using natural language, to understandi...

8th July 2012 - 14th July 2012
Jeju Island, Korea

ACL is the premier conference of the field of computational linguistics, covering a broad spectrum of diverse research areas that are concerned with computational appro...