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Sexting is a form of cybersex. It is basically a variation on text messaging on mobile devices, where provocative poses are swapped repeatedly between individuals, over a short time span. The intended effect being to arouse one another.

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Australia's government urged young people not to join the "sexting" craze on Wednesday, warning that sending provocative images by mobile phone could have "very bad long-term consequences".

Minister for the Status of Wom...

A Pennsylvania school district that was at the center of a highly publicized "sexting" case was sued Thursday by a teenager who claims her principal confiscated her cell phone, found nude images she had taken of herself and turned it over...

MTV and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research today released the results of a new survey exploring the pervasiveness of digital abuse among teens and young adults, how it is affecting America's youth and how they're r...