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Simulated reality

Simulated reality is the endpoint that virtual reality systems are in general striving towards. It is a synthetic reality created and mediated by computer systems, which is such a high fidelity that to sentient minds interacting inside it, the computer generated world is indistinguishable from the physical one.

A simulated reality may even have ai minds inside it, which meet all the criterion for being sentient,. But which cannot perceive anything outside their simulated reality ? it is the only world they know.

There are several philosophical arguments for the world we know as the physical world, also being a simulated reality.

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Simulated reality

Virtual Reality


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SimStim is literally Simulated Stimulation, and is a logical parallel to VR. Rather than experiencing a full VR or AR experience in which your mind is placed inside a metaverse matrix, a completely simulated reality; or the joys of physical reality -meatspace- with additional VR components grafted on, SimStim opens up a third possibility.

Brainstorm is essentially a film along the lines of SimStim, or Simulated Stimulation. It came along in 1983, long before virtual reality was a mainstream concept for the first time. It is nowhere near the level of colourful fluff that covers blockbuster VR films like ?the Matrix?, but, at the same time it more than holds its own. Brainstorm doesn?t deal with virtual reality par se, but rather with a similar technology, that of SimStim. It doesn?t refer to it as SimStim, which was coined in the earlier William Gibson novel ?Neuromancer?, but that is exactly what it is. Using a sensory jack to record one person?s senses and emotions, then playing them back to another person, as a wholesale experience.

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Wireless Data Swifter than Wired Data
One of the real issues with wireless data transfer is the slow speed at which it transfers data. Near-future high-sensory-bandwidth systems such as virtual reality and simulated stimulation are even at this stage, pushing the limits of bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Anxious to download his wedding videos more quickly, a German researcher has created a 1GB/sec system, with the potential for wireless 10GB/sec.

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A Selection Of The Joyous Uses For SimStim
Twenty-five uses to which SimStim, or Simulated Stimulation is likely to be put, which offer true benefits for the world and individuals alike.

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Sex in The Machine
Sex within simulated environements. Pleasurable, stimulating, orgasmic. Yet no danger of diseases, or pregnancy. Some fear this will lead to a decline in world population. Might it instead, lead to a new stage in evolution?

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A Selection Of The Dark Uses For SimStim
SimStim of Simulated Stimulation, is a powerful technology under development. There are always those who would use a technology to evil ends, and sensory recordings can certainly do much evil. Twenty-six examples of the less wholesome uses this will almost certainly be put to.

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A Closer Look At Parallax Occlusion Mapping
An in-depth Gamedev article, containing step by step coding advice for implementing parallax occlusion mapping to textures, such that the simulated heights can even self-occlude.

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Indusgeeks: Distance Learning through SecondLife
Indusgeeks has built a platform on Second Life that enables students in distance-learning programmes to plug into a simulated environment replicating and enhancing physical life learning processes

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Blue Brain Project - creating a simulated brain
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 16-06-2005. On the sixth of June 2005, the most ambitious project to date for brain research was launched. Its mission: to recreate a human brain in simulation, neuron for neuron, connection for connection.

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Augmented Reality Basics: Magic Symbol
In myth and legend, a magic symbol is a pattern drawn on a physical object which possesses otherworldly powers; able to alter reality by creating protective circles, summon creatures to do the artist's bidding, or alter the structure of reality itself. Perhaps it is poetic that the same concept is now used as the keystone for augmented reality.


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American defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. has received a $52.5 million contract to develop simulators to train U.S. Marines for insurgent attacks.

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A new virtual reality program to treat combat veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan experiencing post traumatic stress disorder is being used at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland Airforce Base, Texas.

Virtual reali...

The Blue Brain Project at Ecole Polytechnique F?d?rale de Lausanne in Switzerland is an attempt to simulate the functioning of the brain by building the virtual organ from the ground up, molecule by molecule. After much computer programming...

Emergency workers and others who drive around the thousands of acres at Nashville International Airport are now trained on a VR representation of the entire complex.

Nashville's airport is one of the first in the country to ...

Japan's two largest cellular carriers, NTT DoCoMo and KDDI, are demonstrating this week some of their latest research into augmented reality systems. Augmented reality fuses the real world with digital data and is seen as a potentially pop...