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Simulator Sickness

The correct term for the type of motion sickness that crippled the VR industry in the 90s. simulator sickness is caused by slight lag in the system such that the visual image of motion reaches the user a short time after they have finished moving, resulting in conflicting data to the brain from the eyes and the balance centre. This causes disorientation and something very similar to motion sickness.

See also: Cybersickness, Simulation Sickness, Clue Conflict, Barf Zone (slang)

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Non virtual, Virtual Simulator
Researchers at the Max Planck institute for Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany, have created a first of its kind: A virtual reality simulator that does not actually create simulations in VR-space. Instead, they exist in physical dimensions, just not exactly normal matter.

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Balance in the Blood not just the Ear
Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation. For those of us familiar with it, it's a possible panacea to cure simulation sickness, and rope the sense of balance of the user directly into the simulation. Unfortunately, it seems there is a fly in the mixture.

Simroid, or 'simulator android' is a gynoid which has been developed by Dr. Naotake Shibui of the Nippon Dental University in Tokyo, to be used as a patient for dentist trainees.

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Lone Developer Physics Simulation
Good paper by lone game developer Jeff Lander on creating a physice simulator.

A detailed look at the haptics and total immersion based VR welding simulator. Brainchild of both SGI and VRSim, this training device uses VR to train to a higher degree fster, than the physical world does. It also does without special ventillation and useless metal offcuts.

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Philips euHeart Computer Modelling Project Aims to Build a Virtual Heart
Philips Electronics announced at the end of August 2008, that it was going to lead a consortium, with the express goal of developing a virtual reality heart simulator sophisticated enough to be used in patient care.

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Surgical Simulators
In a strange twist of logic, endoscopic surgeons are starting to benefit from the technologies used in flight simulators. The task at hand is the development of a surgical simulator for minimally invasive surgery, that uses the standard endoscopic tools the surgeons would use in an actual surgery, and will use VR technology to add in full sensation.


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Renault?s new driving simulator owes a lot to aircraft flight simulators. It is intended to be just as realistic. Codenamed ultimate, the Renault simulator is the world's first fully realistic road vehicle driving simulator for industrial ...

Researchers from Roswell Park Cancer Institute and State University of New York at Buffalo, developed a surgical simulator to help train physicians to operate the da Vinci robot. The RoSS Robotic Surgical Simulator has been turned into a pr...

Microsoft Flight Simulator, that humblest of mainstream simulation programs, is now being treated seriously by many flight instructors, and organisations as a worthwhile and beneficial training aid for new trainee pilots....

NASA has requested Silicon Graphics Inc to work with Intel Corp to develop a massive supercomputer NASA plan to use to simulate space exploration.

The 10,240 processor Space Exploration Simulator, is expected to finally beat ...

(Press Release) VirTra Systems, Inc yesterday announced the successful installation of another training simulator for the United States Air Force.

Last week, VirTra Systems installed an IVR-180 series simulator, including rec...