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Six Degrees Of Freedom

Six Degrees Of Freedom, or 6 DOF. These terms are usually used with tracking systems, to display objects within large-scale research or high-end immersive world systems. Motion tracking either complies to 3 DOF, or 6 DOF standards.

3 DOF means that tracking works out the X, Y, and Z orientation of an object, whilst 6 DOF means the X, Y, and Z orientation of an object is tracked, along with its current position in relation to other objects.

6 DOF is invaluable in situations such as tracking a flock of birds, where you don't really desire seeing individual birds appear to merge because they're not keeping track of each others positions.

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One of the great issues with immersive VR has always been allowing natural movement in enclosed spaces. The VirtuSphere looks a lot like a giant mouse ball, or hamster wheel. However, it is perfect for the task at hand - complete freedom in all six degrees.

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Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 Team Delivers First DARPA Limb Prototype
An international team led by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in the US, has developed a prototype of the first fully integrated prosthetic arm that can be controlled naturally, including the provision of sensory feedback and allows for eight degrees of freedom. This is an order of magnitude beyond previous efforts, including the haptic arm of Claudia Mitchell.

World Review: Planet Virtu
World Review: Planet Virtu welcome screen
A small community hamlet, nestled away from the more frequently trodden paths, this builder's worldlet clings to the dream of low-polygon freedom.
Rating 46.5
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The Wanda was the first of the wands/3D pointers, which are essentially mice working in three dimensions, with six degrees of movement. Still around today, Wanda is often the input device of choice for CAVE style VR interfaces.

Planet Virtu?l in many ways, attempts to be an ideal virtual environement for online socialisation with limited technology. Its environment, particularly friendly to dial-up users, exhibits freedom of expression at every turn.

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Podcast: The paradox of choice
This cast from TED 2005, features Barry Schwartz taslking about his then-new book, "The Paradox of Choice". He uses it as a forum to argue that the more choice you have, the less freedom you have, because you cannot make up your mind what to choose.

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You Tube of Claudia Mitchell and the first haptic, bionic arm
Ex-Marine Claudia Mitchell became the first woman to receive a bionic arm. This video shows the truly revolutionary range of motion and freedom, that allows.


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US lawmakers from the two major parties on Tuesday issued a joint call for government action to ensure Internet freedom overseas amid alarm at China's cyber-censorship.

Democratic Representative David Wu and Republican Repre...

In the wake of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's major speech yesterday on Internet freedom, a speech in which she called out countries like Egypt, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Iran, and China, most governments have yet to respond. China, howev...

Therapy Trainer has introduced a novel interface device, they term GameCap. Essentially, it is a baseball cap with an integrated six degrees of freedom gyroscope set, and an accelerometer.

Lisa Daily of Therapy Trainer comme...

Silvio Berlusconi is moving to extend his grip on Italy's media to the freewheeling Internet world of Google and YouTube.

Going beyond other European countries, the premier's government has drafted a decree that would manda...

A snakelike surgical robot from Carnegie Mellon University could let a surgeon performing a critical heart operation make just one incision.

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