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Smooth Shadow

Smooth shadow is another name for Soft Shadow. Soft shadows are a difficult item to recreate. Hard shadows, where the edge between a shadow and a lit area is absolute, often destroy the feeling of believability. A soft shadow blends that edge, almost like anti aliasing; a fuzziness at the edges. The trickiness comes in doing it in as few clock cycles as possible, and keeping with the intrinsic properties of the item casting the shadow.

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The Sharp Side of Emulated Erosion
Typically in VR, when we model erosive forces, we think of the smoothing effect of water. We think of smooth stones, smooth edges, and smooth cavities. We don't typically think of sharp edges and triangles. That may be a mistake.

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Soft-Edged Shadows
A coder?s article about creating realistic, dynamic soft shadow in real-time interactive, and complex scenes.

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Prosthetic Control Systems and Grace of Movement
For a great many, the dream of being graceful and smooth of movement - or even not scattering every item on a desk they try to lean over - is something of a fondly held dream. For others, even being able to walk unaided holds a similar place of reverence.

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Immersive Newscasting versus Actuality
A quote from "Otherland: City of golden shadow", talking about the probable confusion that could result from a realistic enough, surround news feed versus actual physical experience of a disaster.

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Recreating Rolling Terrain
Rolling terrain follows a specific pattern when viewed from the air. Anywhere on Earth, it is easily recognizable by the way it flows as a near never ending series of similar forms. Smooth, rounded ridges interspersed by valleys, leading down to deep valleys at either end.

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Otherland: Is this a real place?
A lengthy quote from the book "Otherland: City of Golden Shadow", by Tad Williams, which sums up the dialectic between physical reality and virtual reality, in one of the most succinct and apt ways we have encountered.

Read this series for the twisting, evolving, many diverse threaded storyline, or read them for the wonderful imagery, and enchanting ideas for VR of the future. Whichever reason makes you pick up one of these, you are in for one hell of a ride!

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Large Image Display: Toy Story: 1995's Cutting Edge
A look at the 1995 milestone movie Toy Story, and an interesting question is asked: Why are modern mainstream VRs only just coming out from the shadow of that world-quality, 14 years later?

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Implant Coating to Revolutionise Prosthetics
As is well known, the greatest difficulty with prosthetic implants that invade the body, is the material that comes into contact with the flesh of an organic form. If it is too smooth, flesh does not bond with it well, and it slips. Too rugged and it becomes a nesting ground for bacteria. That's not even touching on the immune reaction if the material is the wrong type and is seen as a threat.

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A Dark World
It is beyond dark, it is pitch black. No motes of light, to glittering beams, no nothing. You blink and cannot tell if you did just blink or not. Away in the distance a humming begins. You hear it, and turn towards it. It is coming from your left, and down a ways. Beyond that you cannot tell. Reaching out, you grasp at empty air. The fear rises as you reach out for something, anything to grasp on, and through some flailing, you find a smooth wall.


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In the lab of UCLA electrical engineering professor Aydogan Ozcan, a prototype cell phone has been constructed that is capable of monitoring the condition of HIV and malaria patients, as well as testing water quality in undeveloped areas or...

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a cheap way to repeatedly make very smooth nanopatterned thin films. The advance could have implications for making devices - such as more efficient solar cells, higher-resolution mi...

Research coming out of the University of Saarland in Germany promises to revolutionise the speed of raytracing algorithms, making utterly realistic light and shadow available to even the slowest pcs.

The knock-on implications...

One possible purpose of fingerprints is that they improve our sense of touch. In a recent study, scientists have investigated this idea by performing a series of experiments with artificial fingertips made of rubber-like sensors. The scient...

To make thin films for semiconductors in electronic devices, layers of atoms must be grown in neat, crystalline sheets. But while some materials grow smooth crystals, others tend to develop bumps and defects - a serious problem for thin-fil...