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Solid State Photomultiplier

A solid state photomultiplier is a sensor designed to scan for very weak lightsources. Entirely digital, it is smaller and lighter than its older cousin the photomultiplier tube, and consumes far less power.

It gets its name from the way it works ? it senses incoming photons, and replicates them, multiplying the number of photons several times before a detector picks up the hue, and intensity of the signal.

Because the solid state device uses so little power, it is ideal for placement inside VR interfaces such as a HMD, where the little reflected light that exists, is perfect for detecting slight muscle movements non-invasively.

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Using Simple Brains to Understand the Mechanics of Emotion
Emotion is a tricky beast. We still do not fully understand what triggers a given emotion, in terms of the neurochemical signals in the brain, despite several years of study. This is because of the difficulty of determining whether an electrical pattern is triggering an emotional state, or is caused in response to an emotional state.

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VR Cultural Icons: Lightcycles
Light cycles are an icon of VR, that crop up again and again, in all manner of media. Two-wheeled motorcycles that leave a solid wall of light behind them, as a type of exhaust.

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