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Spoken Language Interface

A spoken language interface is literally that - interaction with the computer, and computer mediated environment, and controlling it solely through speech.

Several issues with spoken language interfaces include:

*Can they handle different dialects and styles of speech?
*Can they handle different frequencies of input from different voices?
*How many spoken languages can they understand?
*How big is their vocabulary?
*Can they tell commands issued to them from chat with others?
*Can they differentiate commands in a noisy room?

Additionally, spoken language interfaces have a key point in common with natural language interfaces. To understand the speech, they must either only respond to a simple set of sub-commands, or be able to reason what the person is asking.

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Spoken Language Interface


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Spoken Dialogue Technology attempts to provide an exhaustive coverage of spoken dialogue systems. Based on the author?s earlier 80 page paper on the same subject, this book fleshes things out, whist still maintaining a fairly academic presentation style.

Spoken dialog systems allow people to get information, conduct business, and be entertained, simply by speaking to a computer. There are hundreds of these systems currently in use, handling millions of interactions every day. How do they work? What problems do they solve? The goal of this book is to answer these questions and others like them.

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You Play my Language?
An exotic stranger smiles at you. You approach with a coy ease, looking up and down at the gorgeous visuals this person is putting on, intrigued by the prospect of an intense interaction. You say hi, casually introduce yourself, maybe tell a joke, but there is a problem: This person does not speak your language. Designing round language problems in virtual worlds.

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Mudding with Language Barriers
?In a global community, language has no limits and interpretation is sometimes misleading.?

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Mice and keyboards, two great tastes...
A good article that puts to words in simple language that which we all know: Virtual environments for the masses are only creeping along because of the interface problem. For most users, a mouse and a keyboard is all they have for input, and true interaction requires just so much more.

Within the adult VR world Taurius is the Academy of Sign Learning allows two people to carry on a conversation in American Sign Language (ASL), across the internet, teaching those with good hearing, a language of those without.

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Natural Language Processing For Multi-User Virtual Worlds
This expansive, and well-written article takes a look at how to implement a more natural language system, to enable the parsing of more complex commands in text-based virtual worlds. Contains code, orientated towards MOO/MUSH developers.

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Languages in Muds
A look at how to create computationally, a variety of different languages in a themed virtual environment, such that those native to one culture have a language they can communicate in, which only those who learn the language can understand. The article discusses how to set things up so that those who ?speak? it in the virtual, don?t actually have to understand that they are speaking it on a conscious level. Article has text in mind, procedure would work as well for voice.

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The Fragility of Internet-Enabled Communication
In the wake of the recent London riots in the UK, uncomfortable truths have come to light regarding the security and privacy of messages spoken or otherwise transmitted over technological networks. Specifically that communicating via technology is never going to be as potentially private as a whispered conversation in a secluded locale.


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