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Stereokinetic Phenomenon

The stereokinetic phenomenon is a means of creating 2D images that feel like they are 3D. Typically they are optical illusions that consist of multiple shapes spinning that extrude a 3D shape out of them when both eyes look at them for a period of time.
It is not the same effect as kinetic depth, but the two can be used together to create brain-breaking 3D effects.

See Also: Kinetic Depth Effect

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The first of the ?video eyewear? phenomenon, the Icuiti V920 arrived in the world in early 2005. This thin strip was the first time the concept of a hybrid head mounted / heads up display had been launched. It turned out to be quite a nice unit, certainly betterthan many attempts since.

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Home, is Sony Corporation's current answer to the phenomenon of virtual worlds. Running solely on their Playstation Three console. It is hoped that when Home launches in late 2007, it will provide a true attraction, and a basic snow crash styled VR system that can expand and grow.

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An Introduction to: Genetically Personalised Medicine
Genetically personalised medicine - the naescent field of pharmacogenetics - is starting to make its impact felt. This field is part of the hospital in the home phenomenon so vital to long-term immersion use, for the physical shell.

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Looks more important than Sounds in Speech
A neurological experiment has confirmed that the McGurk effect - a long-known phenomenon where what you see overrides what you hear - is indeed codified directly into the sound processing regions of the brain. Meaning the McGurk effect is not something that can be barpassed in our virtual environments, and is not a trick of sensory perception, but rather is a cornerstone of sound perception itself.


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