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Stroboscopic systems are a type of visual effect that shows data in flashes. Rather than a continuous view, you get periodic updates exactly like the frame rate in a VR environment. When the frame rate moves faster than the eye can track, it appears continuous to the human visual system. When it slows down below that rate, everything appears disjointed; like a series of still images in sequence.

See Also: Shutter Glasses, Frame Rate, FPS, 3D Rendering Engine, Render Pass, The Stroboscopic Effect

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Stroboscopic Memory Training
A method of training the brain through means of stroboscopics bears a striking resemblance to the basic technology underlying all VR display systems. Could VR really be used to enhance memory, even more efficiently than the physical world-based trials?


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Siemens researchers have developed the world?s fastest LED stroboscopic lamp for the purposes of quality control.

This high-power light source makes very short exposure times possible and can therefore be used to capture high...