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Strong AI

Strong AI is one of two differing views on the eventual capabilities of artificial intelligence systems. Strong AI argues that homo cybersapiens is possible; that artificial intelligences can become sapient. Self-awareness is possible, and whilst they might not think like humans, they will definitely be sentient.

See Also: Weak AI

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A wonderful article looking at the great probability that in order to allow strong in-character bonding, you need to have a facility for dedicated out of character player bonding too.

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Artificial Hydroapatite
Hydroapatite is a naturally occurring mineral. It is a form of calcium apatite and makes up around 70% of the internal structure of human bones and teeth. Lightweight, strong, and flexible, it is an ideal material for supporting active limbs.

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Embodiment: We React to Exposed Teeth Faster than Other Emotional Displays
Researchers from Germany have discovered strong evidence that with humans, picking faces out of a crowd has a lot less to do with the shape of the face, or the expression upon that face, and a lot more to do with whether the teeth are visible or not.

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Think of a concept, and you taste it
Industry News

Lexical-gustatory synaesthesia is an odd condition, very rare. Its symptoms are such that when the sufferer thinks of a concept, their brain accesses its taste memories, and calls forth the taste of an associated food, as strong as it would be if they were tasting it now.

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Adding Arms to Autonomous Aircraft
A research effort intending to challenge the present limits of embodiment and aviation, by adding dexterous, strong and gentle arms, and hands to UAVs. These to be capable of operating on external objects mid-flight.

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Social Engineering
Social interactions between players are very important for most MMO worlds? after all, the multi-user aspect is one of our big attractions. Maintaining a good level of social interaction is especially important after the world has shipped. Live development is all about keeping your subscribers playing, and a strong social network is amazingly effective in accomplishing that.

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Video Games and Virtual Environments increase Creativity in Children
The findings of a large-scale study of 12 year olds performed by Michigan State Universit found a strong correlation between increasing video-game usage and increasing creativity in children.

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Touchscreen Use in All Weather
Industry News

Touchscreen technology has until now, had one strong disadvantage: In inclement weather, wet, freezing cold hands result from touchscreen use, as gloves and other finger protectors have always made fingers too big and bulky to effectively use touchscreen technology, whilst masking tactile feedback with the glove?s spongy surface.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: Sentenced to Death
This execution scene was shown during the first episode of ?The Second Renaissance?, and brings back strong thoughts of death camps and political execution. n order to avoid such scenarios becoming both real, and widespread, this is the sort of message we have to keep in mind, as we strive to make robots, ever more human.

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Virtual Reality In Schools: The Ultimate Educational Technology
A strong look at the wonderous benefits of incorporating virtual environments into education, and the effects felt by two pilot schools in 1999. It demonstrates the awesome powwer of virtual environments in thre classroom - even using legacy technology (Never mind what we have now)


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Astor Crown Plaza Hotel, New Orleans, USA

This symposium focuses on research topics related to efficient algorithms and data structures for discrete problems. In addition to the desi...

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