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Substrate Chauvinism

Substrate Chauvinism is a narrow belief-system emergent from the mixing of belief systems of old religion, and new concepts such as substrate-independence. Substrate chauvinism is the conviction that only biological matter can carry moral worth. Consequently, it is used to reinforce the belief by some, that self-aware AI, could never be regarded as personages, as they are inorganic.

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Substrate Chauvinism



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We can build You is a very strange tale. As the title suggests, the bulk of the book is dedicated to the integration of simulacra with organic humans, told from a very down to earth perspective. The novel examines in considerable detail, without naming them explicitly, the twin issues of substrate chauvinism and substrate independence.

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EVE no Jikan (The Time of Eve) Act 2 - Sammy
The second episode of Eve no Jikan, continues where the first left off, delving ever deeper into the murky world of substrate chauvinism, and self-will for AI.

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EVE no Jikan (The Time of Eve)
EVE no Jikan is an anime series based around substrate chauvinism and self identity. It is an anime depicting the use of robots and androids as servants and slaves in a slightly futuristic but still contemporary society. In other words, the near future.

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EVE no Jikan (The Time of Eve) Act 3 - Koji & Rina
The third episode of this series on substrate chauvinism, AI, and the nature of individuality, takes a look at the lives of two of the series' regulars - the lovers Koji and Rina.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ What Are Little Girls Made Of?
When the Enterprise goes in search of Dr Roger Korby's long-vanished archaeological expedition, they did not expect to encounter androids so like people. Yet, why are they like people, and not people themselves? Mind uploading and substrate chauvinism, in some of their earliest forms.

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The Twilight Zone: The Lonely
A Twilight Zone episode from the late 1950s, comprising of a mix of substrate chauvinism, the psychology of loneliness, artificial intelligence, avatar psychology, and embodiment in one half hour long, blunt and honest package.

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Nanotube Integrated Circuits a Reality
In February 2011, the first true breakthrough in microscopic, flexible substrate transistors was achieved. Professor Esko I. Kauppinen from Aalto University developed a fast and simple method of producing high-performance thin-film transistors on an ultra-thin plastic substrate.

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Energy Recycling, Lighter Robo Legs
Humans are able to naturally recycle about 40% of the energy in a springy step. If this can be accomplished in artificial legs, then the motors and batteries will not have to be quite as large and heavy, making life easier for developers and potential future users of the technologies, such as exoskeletons, prosthetic limbs, robots and other artificial substrate locomotion devices.


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