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A surge is the movement of a motion platform other than purely horizontal - back and forth as opposed to side to side.

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Guns & Flaws
Sticking to your guns, and continuing to surge forwards with your goals for your world, one of the most important dedication aspects. On the other hand, admitting when you are wrong, is just a must, if you'd like your world to survive.

With the current surge in uses of the iphone as a distributed computing device, and several industries, most notably medical healthcare taking it up in increasing numbers, there has not been a better time to learn to code this small, sleek device.

Creative non-fiction guru and seasoned immersion journalist Gutkind observes that just as computers changed the world in the 1990s, robots will transform technology in the near future. To find out who is behind the growing robotic surge, Gutkind spent six years observing life at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute.


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Worldwide, 281 million people subscribed to some form of broadband service by the end of 2006.

185 million used DSL to connect to the Internet
62 million used cable modems
29 million used some form of fibre opti...

Victorious gamers enjoy a surge of testosterone ? but only if their vanquished foe is a stranger. When male gamers beat friends in a shoot-em-up video game, levels of the potent sex hormone plummeted.

This suggests that multi...

Google Flu Trends, created by the company's philanthropic arm, Google.org, provides daily estimates of the number of flu cases in the US, based on trends in flu-related internet searches such as queries about symptoms.

The e...

The UK has only just seen the launch of 4G (fourth generation) mobile communication technology, but academics at Surrey University are already looking at its successor.

They have received 35m from mobile operators, infrastru...

Japan's solar cell market more than tripled in the year to March, as government incentives spurred households to purchase the eco-friendly technology, industry data showed Tuesday.

Shipments of solar cells and modules in Jap...