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Sweeping is a computer aided design or CAD term. It is essentially another name for a positive extrusion. Positive extrusion is the act of taking a 2D plane, forming a shape on that plane, and then pushing out a solid object in that shape as a cylinder from that plane. Where the shape?s cylinder passes, a pillar of solid material is added.

See Also: Extrusion, Negative Extrusion, Cutter Path

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A Sensor Web for Runways
Sweeping an empty patch of ground to ensure it remains empty, seems an odd job for a complex sensor web. Yet, if a passenger jet strikes debris during landing or take off, it spells disaster for all aboard.

Written by Lee Sheldon, a professional entertainment writer, with such credits as Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Charlie's Angels", and "Edge of Night" to his name, this book is all about writing good, solid, sweeping plots for interactive entertainment.


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The plan from the...

US researchers have created prototype mechanical fins that mimic the movements of the bluegill sunfish.

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In the manner of accelerating technological S curves, the trajectory for broadband uptake has been sweeping upwards exponentially over the past five years.

Next year looks like even more powerful, with predictions of vast ga...

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