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Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language or SMIL is a W3 commission standardised animation scripting language designed to standardise the animation process into a set of XML modules. To date, it has relaunched several times, each time disappearing into obscurity after a year or two.

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Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language


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Right from the preface, Multimedia and Virtual Reality identifies itself as something of an academic book, with a relatively dry prose. It has a great deal of fascinating content, carefully examined and presented, yet the language used, does assume a certain level of vocabulary.

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You Play my Language?
An exotic stranger smiles at you. You approach with a coy ease, looking up and down at the gorgeous visuals this person is putting on, intrigued by the prospect of an intense interaction. You say hi, casually introduce yourself, maybe tell a joke, but there is a problem: This person does not speak your language. Designing round language problems in virtual worlds.

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Mudding with Language Barriers
?In a global community, language has no limits and interpretation is sometimes misleading.?

Within the adult VR world Taurius is the Academy of Sign Learning allows two people to carry on a conversation in American Sign Language (ASL), across the internet, teaching those with good hearing, a language of those without.

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Natural Language Processing For Multi-User Virtual Worlds
This expansive, and well-written article takes a look at how to implement a more natural language system, to enable the parsing of more complex commands in text-based virtual worlds. Contains code, orientated towards MOO/MUSH developers.

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Languages in Muds
A look at how to create computationally, a variety of different languages in a themed virtual environment, such that those native to one culture have a language they can communicate in, which only those who learn the language can understand. The article discusses how to set things up so that those who ?speak? it in the virtual, don?t actually have to understand that they are speaking it on a conscious level. Article has text in mind, procedure would work as well for voice.

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Business in VR: Interfacing a Sales Database with a World
A tutorial for those looking to set up business integration with a third party virtual environment, and avoid the common major pitfalls in linking their transaction database for in-world product orders.

We can build You is a very strange tale. As the title suggests, the bulk of the book is dedicated to the integration of simulacra with organic humans, told from a very down to earth perspective. The novel examines in considerable detail, without naming them explicitly, the twin issues of substrate chauvinism and substrate independence.

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Scent Integration with VR: Determining Avatar's 'Age'
Surprisingly, we use the sence of smell every time we meet another person. For the subtle body odours our physical bodies emit, guide others as to our physical age, and provide cues on how to talk to us. As scent interfaces work their way into social VR systems, we need to give serious consideration to adding 'BO' to our avatars.


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Shanghai International Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China. The International Multimedia Technology and Application Expo & Symposium 2004 opened its doors on on August 10th and will remain open until August 14th.

This is the f...

July 11 to 15, 2011
Barcelona, Spain

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME) has been the flagship multimedia conference sponsored by four IEEE societies (Communications, Computer, Circuits and System...

April 15-18, 2007
University of Perugia, Umbria, Italy

Twelfth in the series, the Web3D 2007 International Symposium will address a wide range of topics about 3D and Multimedia on the Web Topics include languages, too...

As virtual worlds become increasingly sophisticated and popular, a new problem is emerging: That of players who do not understand one another's languages.

Several MMOs and social worlds are currently working on their own,. i...

The media produce a glut of material daily. Refining that ore into the gold of useful information requires new approaches. European researchers have now made automated multimedia analysis much smarter.

Picture a few seconds o...