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A synthespian is basically an artificially created, non-human actor. The word comes from synthetic, meaning not of natural origin, and thespian, meaning dramatic actor.

Synthespians range from the CGI characters of films such as Shrek, Simone, Final Fantasy: Spirits within, right through to robotic pop stars like Korean EveR2-Muse.

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Book Quotes: A Synthespian's AGI
A quote from the VR novel Idoru leads to speculation, and analysis of how a synthespian AI could be constructed - would be constructed.. The logical result is a slightly scary, extremely alien mind structure. Yet, this seems a perfectly feasible form for AGI.

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Book Quotes: Rights of Synthespians
A quote from the cyberpunk novel Idoru, from the section where the synthespian Rei's talk of marriage to a human is discussed.

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Book Quotes: The upcoming Idoru and Synthespians
Synthespian creation work is now leading to the creation of the first real Idorus. Robotic pop stars are starting to emerge, which have their own in-built, if still rudimentary AI, stars such as the South Korean EveR2-Muse and the Japanese Kyoko Date (DK96).

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Large Image Display: Simone: Mocap Synthespian
A scene from the film Simone, describing the merging of human and machine elements, creating an avatar embodiment which is half her human operator, and half artificially sourced. A scene showing something that is all too realistic, and very likely to occur for real.


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