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Tank refers to a type of player player in MUDs and MMO gameworlds who stands at the front of a battle, directly engaging the enemy and distracting their attention from casters and weaker ranged attackers in the relative safety behind the tank.

See also: Caster

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First published in 1994, The Virtual Community was a revolutionary book, which inspired so much of the VR and social networking growth of the 90s. Within these pages, now revised and updated for the modern situation, Howard explores every facet of online communities ranging from the WELL, that think-tank of innovation and invention, to the sphere of MUDs and MOOs.

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Robotic Insect: Guided by the Same stimuli
For an insect, it is rather large. Six inches in length, and rolling around on tank treds rather than walking. Yet, this German robot is the same as an insect where it counts - in the brain. It possesses an embodied needs-based AI, itself running on a simplified version of the insect brain, and responds to stimuli from the world around it in the self same way a natural insect would.

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iRobot Corp, makers of the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, have introduced a prototype of the Scooba floor washer.

The product has many of the features of iRobot's 3-year-old Roomba vacuum, but Scooba is more complicated beca...

The next generation of online education could be great for students -- and catastrophic for universities, as a great deal of money is going to abruptly melt out of the higher education system, just as it has in scores of other industries th...

Princeton University researchers have used a novel virtual reality and brain imaging system to detect a form of neural activity underlying how the brain forms short-term memories that are used in making decisions.

By followin...

Scientists in Germany have come up with a new fluid for cooling the expensive batteries in electric cars and thereby extending their life, another potential step in improving the cost efficiency of electric propulsion.

The fl...

RTI International will provide virtual reality simulation training targeting improvements in tank repair for the U.S. Army through a $70 million contract.

The agreement, which RTI announced Wednesday, covers development, prod...