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Target Selection

Target Selection is an in-world navigation technique in which the user selects by various methods, an object in their field of view which is visible to them, and the environment automatically pathfinds, and navigates them to that position.

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Target Selection


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Complete Website: Flipcode.com
A good site, geared mainly towards graphics, it dabbles in some other areas, and has an interesting selection of daily links.

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A Selection Of The Joyous Uses For SimStim
Twenty-five uses to which SimStim, or Simulated Stimulation is likely to be put, which offer true benefits for the world and individuals alike.

Complete Website: Curious Areas Workshop
C.A.W. were a DIKU builder's free area distributor in the early 1990's. Whilst their service is now discontinued, their site is still actively monitored, and they contain a healthy selection of areas - just give them due credit.

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A Selection Of The Dark Uses For SimStim
SimStim of Simulated Stimulation, is a powerful technology under development. There are always those who would use a technology to evil ends, and sensory recordings can certainly do much evil. Twenty-six examples of the less wholesome uses this will almost certainly be put to.

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Online Console-ation Revisited
The follow-up article to Three-Dot Issues, looks at the future of online console usage, with some bleak prospects for bandwidth.

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An introduction to: DIKU
This short article, mirrored with permission from Mudconnect.com's FAQ series, covers a basic introduction to the DIKU codebase.

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Tesco Trialling AR Stores for Holidaymakers
British supermarket giant Tesco is trialling a new form of augmented reality shopping, with kiosks located in major airports, to encourage those coming back from holiday to browse a wide selection of goods, and order groceries to be delivered when they reach home.

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Large Image Display:Chrysalis (2007): Extracting the Target Organ
Part three of a four part series taking a look at the French film Chrysalis and the views expressed within on how a telesurgical operation would work. Part three examines the interface technology the surgeon uses and how nearly all of it is capabilities we already have.

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Meme Control
A meme is basically an idea or concept that self-propagates. Like a virus, it spreads from host mind to host mind, mutating, changing, and passing from mind to mind via gossip and communication transference. In a way almost paralleling Darwinian selection the most successful ideas spread like a viral plague across populations, till almost everyone knows of them.


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Deadline: 31. January 2006

Submit your on-line 3D works to WEB3DART 2006, for inclusion in an exhibition of completely new works created by internationally regarded artists, architects, designers, stu...

Swiss scientists have proposed that if robots could evolve through natural selection the result would be robots that would help each other, cooperate, and be capable of hunting. Their experiments follow on from earlier studies reported by P...

A team of researchers in Ireland have found evidence that altering the chemistry of an electrode surface (surface engineering) can help microbial communities to connect to the electrode to produce more electricity (electron-exchange) more r...

Robots wag their tail fins and bob along like bathtub toys in a pool at a Vassar College lab. Their actions are dictated by microprocessors housed in round plastic containers, the sort you'd store soup in.

It hardly looks li...

Go down to the rifle range and fire a few rounds at a target 100 meters out. Chances are you won't hit the bull's-eye. Even if you read the wind right and don't twitch as you're squeezing the trigger, you may well fall at the first hurd...