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Literally Cybersex. Full, immersive, and quite-literally 'felt' by both parties. Teledildonics is one of many paths believed to create the 'killer application' for virtual reality.

Teledildonics includes haptic hardware into cyber, such that the physical sexual regions of both parties can be actively mainipulated by the other, no matterhow many thousands of miles apart they are. It is often billed as the ultimate in safe sex, as there is no possibility of disease transfer, or undesired pregnancy.

Teledildonics is sometimes called Cyberdildonics.

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An interoductionary overview of the field of teledildonics, or remote-operated sex, covering everything from theory, to current applications, to future possibilities, and ideas for developers.

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VR Interfaces: OI/OO Teledildonics Wii Attachment
Developed initially for the 2008 'plug and play' teledildonics conference hosted by Bauhaus university in Germany, on 11th till 13th July 2008, the OI/OO seems oddly named until you realise what it is: A pair of adapters designed for the Wii-mote of the Nintendo Wii, with personal pleasure very much in mind.

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Beyond Teledildonics: Teleamore
Teledildonics has been an up and coming technology for some time, and one which has never truly up and come. Now, a new technology, that of teleamore, is being born out of it.

A mis-fire in the teledildonics industry, this early attempt at sexual stimulation in VR fell short after it was discovered it had a minor side effect - bodily secretions caused a lethal electrical discharge.

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7 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You to Sex Conferences
A teledildonics article, work-safe if necessary, ontlining seven reasons sex conferences are a very very good idea if you are planning an erotic virtual world, hardware or looking to create a killer application that people will truly desire to use.

The Sinulator was the first of a new wave of teledildonics devices to be developed in 2004-2005. Essentially a remote-controlled vibrator with a USB socket on the end of a long cable, the Sinulator offers no touching, no hugging, caressing, or intimacy, but offers the first real, thou primative being with your partner through VR.

A teledildonics interface, the thrillhammer materialised shortly after the sinulator. It sort of resembles the bastard child of a flogiston chair, a sinulator, and a rumble machine. The original was a sort of cross-pairing between a dentists' chair and a gynaecological exam table, thankfully they have come a long way since then.


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